Collaboration with Bali Hanging Garden, Bali Provincial Government Holds International Flower Compe

  • 03 Desember 2019
  • 21:54 WITA
  • News, Denpasar - The Provincial Government of Bali welcomes the collaboration with Hanging Garden Bali to hold an international flower competition or "International Flower Competition 2020" which aims to create and preserve the surrounding environment through the arrangement of flower gardens. This was said by Vice Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati when holding a press conference with the media crew regarding the implementation of the "International Flower Competition" in the Prajasabha Meeting Room of the Bali Governor's Office, on Tuesday ( November 3,  2019)

Furthermore, Vice Governor Cok Ace said that the competition which would win the 1 billion Rupiah prize was considered very positive. In addition to fostering community interest in managing the environment, especially telarga to make it more beautiful and beautiful, it also indirectly has a positive impact on tourism in Bali. With beautiful and beautiful telecommunications in front of the house will present a soothing sight for tourists and this will make the island of Bali more neat. For this reason, he hopes that the people who participate in this competition will not only focus on prizes but will focus on preserving the environment that starts from their own homes. "I ask the people who join this competition to not only focus on the prizes, but let's focus on managing the environment around the house because it is a real contribution to environmental preservation in Bali," He said.

Meanwhile, Owner of Hanging Gardens of Bali Nir Peretz expressed his gratitude for the support of the Provincial Government of Bali. He said that the idea of ​​holding this competition originated from concerns about the high plastic waste in Bali and would be even more worrying if it was not restricted to the use of plastic in the community. Various methods are used to greening, beautifying, and beautifying the Island of the Gods by starting with small things, namely planting flowers and caring for the garden to make it a beautiful little flower garden. This competition which was held in Bali was the first in Indonesia. But different from before, he said that in this second competition two different competitions will be held namely the Primary School Category and the General Category (Individual). "By collaborating with the Provincial Office of the Environment of Bali as the leading sector, we will send letters to the Regencies / Cities in Bali to inform this to the community and primary schools in each Regency so that later there will be 1-3 champions in both the SD and Individual categories. who will advance to the Provincial Level and will be won 1-3 Provincial level champions and are entitled to prizes that have been prepared, "he said. For this reason, he hopes that the competition will have a positive influence on the earth, in particular, to foster environmental awareness among the people.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bali Provincial Environment Agency I Made Teja explained that there are terms and conditions that apply in the competition, including; participants are free of charge, but participants are required to register online through the website because the finalist's assessment will be done online only; only Elementary Schools / Individuals can submit applications not for agencies or companies; the flower garden must be outside the building (without obstructions) and can be seen by anyone who passes through it and several other conditions and further information can be viewed on the web: or contact the Komang Ali committee (+6281 246 774 355). (