Releasing BPK Bali Jeepers Touring, Sekda Dewa Indra Appreciates BPK's Participation in the Bali Tra

  • 12 Januari 2020
  • 16:04 WITA
  • News, Denpasar - Regional Secretary of the Bali Province Dewa Made Indra appreciated the implementation of the 73rd anniversary of the Bali Examination Board (BPK) marked by the Touring Jeep followed by the Bali Plastic Trash Reshuffle action in Tahura (community forest park) Ngurah Rai, Denpasar. "I express my deepest appreciation to the ranks of BPK representatives of Bali, for their commitment to participate in the priority program of the Province of Bali, namely clean trash, especially plastic rubbish," Dewa Indra said  while releasing participants touring jeep lovers (Jeepers) on the page of the Bali representative BPK Office Sunday morning (January 12, 2020)

Dewa Indra said, the involvement of BPK representatives of Bali in the waste clean-up action program showed good relations between agencies in the province of Bali, regardless of local agencies or central representatives. "Clean trash action is one of the priority programs being pursued by the Provincial Government of Bali. It is very grateful that BPK on its 73rd anniversary this year has directly contributed to this very beneficial action. Hopefully in the future our synergy in a government 'ecosystem' on the island of Bali this is getting better and stronger, " Dewa Indra hope.


Meanwhile Head of the Bali BPK Representative Sri Haryoso Suliyanto claimed that the jeep tour followed by the clean-up action of garbage in Ngurah Rai Temple was an activity carried out by looking at the importance of preserving mangroves in the area. "Moreover, we know that the provincial government of Bali is intensively holding a Bali Plastic Trash, so we want to take part,"  Sri Haryoso said.


Sri Haryoso explained, the series of 73 BPK Anniversary for the Bali representative office in addition to the Jeep community tour (Jeepers), also held various sports competitions that also invited participants from various parties. The climax will be held on January 20 at the Commemoration and Thanksgiving Ceremony at the Bali Representative Office's BPK Office.


Furthermore, Sekda Dewa Indra and the Head of the Bali Region BPK Representative jointly toured the Tahura Mangrove Area, in order to carry out the Bali Plastic Trash Reshash action. In addition to being attended by the Head of OPD in the Provincial Government of Bali, it was also attended by high school / vocational high school students in Denpasar. (