Increase Heroism Vibration, Vice Governor Cok Ace Asks PPM to Regenerate

  • 13 Januari 2020
  • 20:55 WITA
  • News, Denpasar - As technology advances so rapidly making young people more nimble in swallowing information. The current generation has also begun to lose knowledge of heroism. In addition, the rapid development of technology makes young people unable to solve life's problems. For this reason, the existence of Pemanca Parga Marga (PPM) is expected to have a responsibility to revive the aura of vibrational heroism which has now begun to be abandoned.

This was said by Vice Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati when receiving an audience of the Pemuda Panca Marga, in his office, Monday morning  (January 13, 2020).

In addition, Vice Governor Cok Ace asked for a number of PPM programs that were already running to be evaluated on an ongoing basis so as not to seem overwhelming. Especially in the month of heroism from August to November, Pemuda Panca Marga is expected to give birth to new breakthroughs involving the younger generation. It is said that the figure of Puri Ubud, in addition to the recollection, a poetry reading contest with the theme of "HEROs" is also needed, with the intention to foster knowledge about past struggles while winning independence, even fostering the current struggle to compete against ignorance.

Pemuda Panca Marga who are currently chaired by Putra Wijaya, claimed that they were increasingly running out of generations of 1945 worshipers who had always provided advice in defending the country. So it is important for him to have the role of the Government to support and bridge every step and program that will be carried out by PPM.

In addition, Vice Governor Tjok Ace also advised that in filling the development going forward, the younger generation is supported by parents and the environment not to be too easily ignited emotionally, because every individual on this earth is a brother under the auspices of the Red-White Indonesian national  flag. (