Providing Quality Healthy Water, Governor of Bali Wayan Koster Discusses Regulation on Protection of

  • 15 Januari 2020
  • 17:30 WITA
  • News

Balitopnewscom, Denpasar – Governor of Bali  Wayan Koster reiterated his commitment to protect the springs in Bali. Because this is in line with the vision of Nangun Sat kerthi Loka Bali which aims to preserve Bali's nature and its contents.

As an initial concrete step, it is currently intensively developing and formulating regulations related to the protection of springs, rivers, lakes and beaches in Bali. Thus it is hoped that all water sources on the island will be maintained.

This was revealed when Governor Koster received an audition for SMA N 1 Singaraja Alumni Association (Ikamasa) , at the Bali Governor's Office, Denpasar on Wednesday (January 15,  2020)

"We will campaign through various movements, and also concrete actions involving various parties, so as to be able to increase the awareness of the Balinese people about the importance of the existence of water sources in Bali," he said.

This effort according to Governor Koster is in addition to protecting the environment, it is also intended to provide healthy and quality clean water raw materials to the people of Bali.

"We want to preserve and revive our springs, lakes and rivers in Bali, so as to produce clean, quality and healthy water for the community," he said.

For this reason, the man who also graduated from Singaraja High School 1 invites the oldest senior high school alumni in Bali-Nusra who will hold the reunion, to participate actively in implementing the programs of the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Bali, especially in the environmental field.

"Through concrete and interesting actions, as well as touching directly to the community, so it does not only involve alumni, but also can involve the wider community," Koster said.

"For example, by cleaning up rivers, including upstream to downstream on the coast and the benefits are truly felt. Thus, it can touch the elements of Wana Kertih, Danu kertih and Segara Kertih, "he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Singaraja (Ikamasa) SMAN 1 Alumni Association Prof. I Gede Pitana said the cross-generation reunion, which is planned to be held in mid November 2020, is expected to be an extraordinary moment to echo the role of the school which spawned many Balinese and national figures.

"Of course we also integrate with the provincial government programs (Bali, red). Because we also want to have a real role in implementing the program, "he said.

This national tourism figure explained, the series of reunions held with the headline 'Reuni Agung “ The Great Reunion' will also be filled with various social activities, tree planting, art nights to award awards to figures with high dedication and loyalty to Bali and the alma mater in particular. (