Governor of Bali Wayan Koster Reassures PSSI Regarding Bali's Readiness to Host the World Cup Age 20 in 2021, GIANYAR - Bali Governor Wayan Koster stated the readiness of Bali if later designated as host of the World Cup Age 20 in 2021. The statement was expressed by Governor of Bali  Wayan Koster when accompanying Chairman  Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) Mochamad Iriawan who specifically visited Bali to visit I Wayan Dipta Stadium in Gianyar, Saturday afternoon ( March 7 , 2020).

"Even the World Cup Age 20 event in 2021 is the public's hope in Bali," Koster  explained. He added, maybe at this time in terms of supporting facilities for the event was still lacking, but Bali has many other elements that could be taken into consideration. "We really need the support of PSSI and all parties related to our efforts going forward to make Bali a tourism destination which includes sports as an attraction," said Governor Koster.

The name of Bali is already very large and is known outside. Hopefully with the inclusion of the name of Bali, it is expected that PSSI support with the consequence is the improvement of its facilities. With the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators as the main venue, it can be developed into a representative and qualified stadium, plus a training ground as a support.

Still according to Koster, Bali tourism is now slightly down due to the impact of the Corona virus, but we continue to tidy up one of them with the "We Love Bali Movement", the Bali tourism recovery movement. "If the  World Cup age 20 can be held in Bali, it will certainly be a vital event for Bali tourism, in addition of course as a prestigious sporting event," Koster added.

Koster explained that Bali was the biggest contributor to foreign exchange tourism for Indonesia, 6.3 million foreign tourists or 39 percent of the total national tourists. Foreign exchange of IDR 75 trillion from Bali. So if you calculate, if the World Cup Age 20 can be held in Bali, in addition to promoting sports, it can also make a major contribution to the country's foreign exchange. The community's economy is also growing. "If possible, the Bali Provincial Government can also support everything from the budget changes. I am sure, Mr. President is happy if Bali is considered. I understand that the competition is very tight as the U-20 World Pilaa venue, but I leave it to the Chairman of PSSI. Hopefully provide blessings for Bali, " Koster concluded.

Meanwhile Chairman of PSSI Mohamad Iriawan explained the World Cup Age 20 in  2021 will be history for the Indonesian people because we could defeat the 'bidding' of other countries who also really wanted to host this prestigious event

"I Wayan Dipta Stadium deserves to hold an international soccer event. Last year the stadium with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators was used by the senior national team to host Vietnam in the continuation of the Pre World Cup in 2022 and theIran  national team age 23 trial. In addition, Bali United often uses it in the AFC Cup, "he explained.

Mohamad Iriawan was delighted to see the number of 'single seat' stands has increased since the national team match last year. Staying minor repairs such as the addition of space for broadcast facilities, increasing the capacity of lighting lamps, repair dressing rooms, warm baths, etc.

"This is one of the possible venues appointed by FIFA, depending on the judgment of those who plan to attend this month. Of the 10 recommended, 6 official venues will be appointed. Hopefully one of them is in Bali, "he added.

He said, Bali is indeed attractive to tourists, especially with the concept of sport tourism offered by the Governor. This is the advantage, in fact there are often tourists who watch directly to the Dipta stadium. We also see the supporting practice field. Need to coordinate also for access, congestion and others. The commitment of the President and Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) is very clear, will improve all the venues that will be appointed.

During his stay at I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Iriawan, who is familiarly called 'Iwan Bule', reviewed the condition of the field grass and various other infrastructures. Also present on the occasion was Vice Regent of Gianyar Anak Agung Gde Mayun, Chairman of PSSI Bali Asprov I Ketut Suardana, and PSSI Executive Committee member Pieter Tanuri. (