Bali Will Add 2 Labs to Accelerate Swab-PCR Test Results

  • 17 Juni 2020
  • 17:06 WITA
  • News

DENPASAR, Regional Secretary of the Province of Bali as Daily Chair of the Bali Province Co-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Dewa Made Indra chaired the laboratory optimization meeting and the acceleration of the Swab-PCR test results together with related agencies via online, Wednesday, June 17, 2020.


Dewa Indra said that the 3 months of the corona outbreak had not yet shown signs of disappearing from the face of the earth. If seen from the number, the case of Covid-19 experienced a fairly high increase coming from local transmission. This shows that there are still many people who do not implement health protocols in the midst of their activities.


To provide optimal services, especially the delivery of PCR-based swabs from the laboratory to patients who have recently experienced a slowdown due to an increasing number of cases, Daily Chair of the Bali Province Co-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Dewa Made Indra said in the future there will be 2 hospitals equipped with Swab-PCR test laboratories namely Bali Mandara Hospital and UPTD. Bali Provincial Health Laboratory Office, which will be active in early July.


With the increase in the number of Swab-PCR testing laboratories in Bali, it is expected to be able to increase the speed of the medical team in issuing Swab-PCR test results which will also have an impact on the increasingly rapid circulation of services for patients especially those undergoing quarantine.


"The increase in the Covid-19 case in Bali should not make us lose enthusiasm. But also because we are too dedicated we forget to take care of our health. It is good that we balance our duties and obligations as well as our right to stay healthy with the division of time the medical personnel guard in handling "Covid-19 with his colleagues. In addition to accelerating the process of delivering the results of the Swab-PCR test to patients, the input form and report form must be one,"  Dewa Indra added

Head of Bali Provincial Health Service, dr. Ketut Suarjaya said that from the last 3 months (April, May and June) the total number of samples that had been tested by the lab was 21,723 with an increasing number of cases since 2 months due to traching contacts. So that in the future it has a strategic plan in accelerating laboratory results with the target flow of patients in and out of hospitals and new case management can be optimized.


Operation of 3 existing laboratories with a capacity of 24,640 per month (RSUP Sanglah 3 tools with 600 Swab-PCR test capability per day, RSPTN Udayana 2 devices with 200 Swab-PCR test capability per day and Warmadewa 1 device with Swab-PCR test capability 60 per day) requires that medical personnel in hospitals implement a priority system (priority-red) for patients in quarantine, ODP, PMI and new ABK care as well as emergency / official travelers

Seeing the increasing number of local transmissions that occur in a number of places (districts / cities), the type B hospitals in the future are expected to have independent Swab-PCR testing laboratories with adequate infrastructure and human resources, including the requirement to have clinical pathology specialists.


In the future Badung regency will conduct mass rapid tests in Ayunan Village, Mengwi. This is done to break the chain of transmission and spread of the corona virus among ordinary people. With a rapid test everyone will know how much he has a chance of contracting so that early prevention can be done by all parties.


At the end of the meeting Dewa Made Indra also requested that no sample settle. If there is a buildup of samples due to the number of patients, the relevant medical staff on duty must shift the sample to another laboratory, so that the results of the Swab-PCR test will not be too long, this is also intended so as not to cause new problems downstream, especially quarantine. (Gix)