Protect Lake, Springs, Rivers and Seas The Governor of Bali Issues Governor Regulation Number 24 of 2020

  • 10 Juli 2020
  • 21:07 WITA
  • News

DENPASAR, - At the moment the quality of lakes, springs, rivers and seas in Bali is decreasing in quality and quantity. In order to restore and protect lakes, springs, rivers and oceans at once, Bali Governor Wayan Koster issued Governor Regulation number 24 of 2020 concerning the protection of lakes, springs, rivers and seas, Friday (10 July 2020).


Bali Governor Wayan Koster said that the basis for the issuance of the Governor Regulation No. 24 of 2020 is. First, the Water for the Balinese People functions as a source of life and as a means of religious ceremonies in accordance with the vision of regional development "Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali" through the Pattern of Development of the Universe Planning towards a New Era of Bali. Second, the condition of lakes, springs, rivers, and seas in Bali has decreased in quantity and quality so that it needs to be protected based on the values ​​of Sad Kerthi in an effort to maintain the sanctity and harmony of Bali and its contents to create a prosperous Krama Bali life and happy niskala-sakala. Third, this Governor Regulation is a guideline for Provincial Governments, Regency / City Governments, Customary Villages, and Communities to implement the Protection of Lakes, Springs, Rivers and Seas in one territorial unit, one island, one pattern, and one governance. While the purpose of the issuance of Governor Regulations number 24 of 2020 is to maintain the continuity of the carrying capacity, capacity, functions of the Lake, Springs, Rivers and Sea so that it can always provide a source of water in quantity and quality sufficient to meet the needs of humans and other living creatures. protect lakes, springs, rivers and seas and their ecosystems from damage, pollution and disturbance caused by the destructive force of nature and human activities, maintain the cleanliness, purity and purity of lakes, springs, rivers and seas, and implement local wisdom in the context of Protecting Lakes, Springs, Rivers and Seas.


Still according to Governor Koster, the protection of the Lakes, Fountains, Rivers and Seas is done on a random basis and is sourced from Sad Kerthi Local Affiliates. Implemented by Regional Devices that administer Lake, Fountain, River, and Sea Protection with District / City and Indigenous Governments. "The protection of lakes, springs, rivers, and the sea is occasionally done by performing regular purification ceremonies," Governor Koster said. Periodic purification ceremonies include lake purification (Danu Kerthi), sea purification (Segara Kerthi); and the purification of plants (Wana Kerthi ). The ceremonial cleansing of the Lake (Danu Kerthi) and the purification of the Sea (Kerthi Sea) are performed at every Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Uye (Uye). While the ceremony of purification of plants (Wana Kerthi) is performed every Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Wariga (Tumpek Wariga / Tumpek Atag). As for the level of implementation of the purification ceremony includes: small level ceremony; and main level ceremonies. A small level purification ceremony is performed every 6 (six) calendar months (pawukon) of Bali by the Indigenous Village. The first level of purification ceremony is held every 5 (five) calendar years (Bali) by the Provincial Government. In addition to the Provincial Government, the community can also perform purification ceremonies in accordance with the local Dresta. The procedure for carrying out the ritual of purification refers to Literature or Dresta. The purification ceremony was held simultaneously throughout Bali.

“The protection of lakes, springs, and rivers on a regular basis includes: bodies of water; border; water flow; and DAS / Sub watershed from upstream to downstream, ”explained Governor Koster explained. While marine protection occasionally includes: waters and beaches. Periodic protection is provided by Provincial Government Provincial Devices which administer water resources, environmental and forestry matters in accordance with the relevant authority. In carrying out the activities of protecting lakes, springs, rivers, and the sea, indigenous village Desa Adat is obliged to make regulations Pararem and / or Awig-Awig which at least contain, to plant trees at every implementation of the Tumpek Wariga ceremony, to prohibit communities of indigenous village (Krama Desa Adat) , guest Krama Tamiu, and Tamiu dumps garbage, wastes, and dirt, prohibits communities Indigenous Village Krama, Tamiu, and Tamiu from cutting down trees around lakes, springs, rivers, and seas; and sanction violations of the ban. Desa Adat implements Protection independently and / or in collaboration with Desa Adat which is within a Protection area and the parties. "Every businessman who leverages Lake, Fountain, River, and Sea must carry out protection on a scale and at scale,"  Governor Koster said . For the protection of the waters is carried out by regional devices that carry out maritime affairs, except for marine waters in the area of ​​West Bali National Park.


The coastal protection is carried out by the District / City Government except: Ngurah Rai Forest Park implemented by the Regional Devices that conducts forestry matters; and West Bali National Park run by the Related Institutions that handle forestry matters. "Lake, Fountain, River, and Sea Protection Activities are held simultaneously with the Planned Universe Patterns every Saturday to coincide with Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Uye Day," said Governor Koster.


Furthermore, Governor Koster explained that the protection activities are carried out by the regional device that organizes water resources in coordination with the District / City and Indigenous Village Government. The community plays an active role in cooperating in the protection of lakes, springs, rivers, and the sea. The active role of the community is carried out individually, by groups of people and / or organizations. “The active role of the community is embodied in the forum of participation in activities of protection of lakes, springs, rivers, and seas in the planning, implementation, and or supervision stages, participation in planting and maintenance of trees as well as waste cleaning and complaints of violations and non-compliance , rivers, and the sea, ”Governor Koster concluded. (Gix / ms)