Chairperson of The  Dekranasda Bali Province Conducts Interview Tapping in the 'Mantra of the Heart and Balinese Philosophy'

  • 17 Oktober 2020
  • 20:10 WITA
  • News


DENPASAR, - The Chairperson of Dekranasda Bali, Putri Koster, conducted a tapping interview with the CEO of Motivator Bali Learning Center (MBLC) Ketut Wiratama during the 'Mantra Hati and Balinese Philosophy', at Gedung Gajah, Jayasabha, Denpasar, Saturday, October 17,2020.


Putri Koster invites the Balinese people to always think positively about the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus, which is known to attack the body's immunity, according to her, is indeed vulnerable to becoming a danger if the sufferer is panicking so that all congenital diseases recur and the body's immunity decreases.


She admitted that he had been exposed to the virus for nearly two weeks and decided to quarantine him at BPK Pering. She always thinks positively and invites people with Covid-19 sufferers to focus on doing positive things so that the body's immunity is maintained.


"During the quarantine period, I often invited people to sunbathe, exercise, or meditate. In order to avoid stress due to Covid-19," She said, saying that she also did not hesitate to knock on each patient's room to share, for example, at least share food.


According to her, the most important point to maintain immunity is to remove the stigma that people with Covid-19 are a disgrace. "This is what we have to change in society. We are exposed to a flu-like disease which is very easily transmitted. And we need rest and calm so that this disease will also quickly disappear," she said.


"Moreover, it can be said that it is a blessing if we are exposed to the disease and are able to recover with our own antibodies. At least we are the choice. We already have natural antibodies now, so we can easily fight the disease in the future," She added.


Another thing that became the spotlight of the Chairperson of the Dekranasda was the preservation of Balinese traditional fabrics, both endek and songket. She admitted that he was amazed by the choice of endek Bali as one of the clothing motifs in the latest collection of the world fashion house Christian Dior. However, she added, was that awe enough?


"I don't want us to just be amazed. Dior chooses our weaving, then there must be compensation for our craftsmen. At least with the selection of endek, our craftsmen must be prosperous," She said.


She had already done this at the last meeting with the fashion house. He admitted that Dior must first meet several criteria that are beneficial for craftsmen to use endek in their collections


Another thing she wants to do for Balinese crafts is also about returning the sacred Balinese weaving function to its original function. "For example, the rangrang from Nusa Penida, it was intended as a ceremony, but it was booming for a while but is now being abandoned," She said.


She added, the act of exploiting the songket rangrang had placed the cloth not in its place, and had diminished the sacredness of the cloth. For this reason, she invited the craftsmen to not only pursue targets, but must return to their identity.


For information, MBLC is a forum that encourages young people to hone their abilities and values, so that they can develop and serve according to their respective abilities. MBLC also conducts training to shape the character of self-management, leadership and human resource management in Bali. (Gix)