Governor of Bali Wayan Koster Hopes Kadin's Synergy to Make Bali Rise

  • 20 November 2020
  • 23:11 WITA
  • News

MANGUPURA, -The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world, has made Bali, which depends on the tourism sector, the province in Indonesia that is most affected. As a result, some Balinese people who depend on their economy from this sector have also collapsed. To revive the economy of Bali in the midst of a pandemic, a synergy of all parties is needed.


This was conveyed by the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster in his remarks at the Inauguration and Inauguration ceremony of the Advisory Board, Advisory Council and Board of Directors of the Bali Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Service Period 2020-2025, Friday November 20, 2020, at Inaya Putri Bali, Nusa Dua, Badung. .


"The contribution of Bali's foreign exchange tourism to the national level reaches almost 40 percent which is supported by foreign tourists. In 2019, it reached 6.3 million people, while domestic tourists were 10.5 million people. This is the fundamental economy of Bali. So now, tourism is disrupted. because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bali will automatically be the most affected, " Koster said. 


In the future, so that it is not only dependent on the tourism sector, according to Governor Koster, Bali needs to reorganize it. Apart from tourism, the agricultural sector and the development of Balinese culture-based industries need to be boosted.


"Industry is to strengthen agriculture from upstream to downstream, strengthen the clothing industry and grow small and medium enterprises in order to strengthen the people's handicraft industry," he said.


That way, continued Governor Koster, Bali's economy would be healthier and more balanced. According to him, there is no need to conflict between tourism and agriculture, tourism and industry.


"All three are good, and all of them actually support each other, complement each other, have a very strong connection," he explained.


Meanwhile, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Governor of Bali from Sembiran Village, Tejakula, Buleleng said that this is a common problem that must be faced with patience.


"We have to be patient, maybe we are being tested together to do introspection. Introspect on what has been going on so far, so that in the future we can organize it well. This Bali can really be built with the strength of existing resources. in this region, "he said.


To that end, Governor Koster invited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) to work together to revive the economy of Bali which had been hit by the pandemic. The synergy of all parties is needed in realizing Bali Awakening.


"I already have a scheme for Bali Awakening, encouraging Indonesia to rise starting from Bali. With the development of the Covid-19 case recently, Bali is actually ready to receive foreign tourist visits. However, due to central (government, red) policies that have not allowed it, then we have to be patient. To be sure, I have coordinated to prepare a system with tourism business actors in Bali so that they are truly orderly in implementing health protocols, "he said.


In this case, the role of Kadin is very much needed to support the Bali Provincial Government's plans and schemes in preparing to welcome foreign tourists.


"I hope that economic actors in Bali can really work together, cooperate well, with Kadin and also with the Bali Provincial Government," he pleaded.


Meanwhile, the General Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Rosan Perkasa Roeslani said in his remarks that even in the midst of a pandemic, as an entrepreneur, he must remain enthusiastic and try various things, adapt and innovate in the midst of economic challenges that hit almost the entire world.


"We know Bali is experiencing the greatest economic pressure compared to other provinces in Indonesia, because Bali is very dependent on the tourism sector. The current economic condition is in an extraordinary situation. The process of doing business is not carried out as usual. Must work in an extraordinary way out of the box. order to survive, while waiting for the vaccination process to run in 2021, "he explained. (gix).