PKK Bali Province Will Give BKK to Regencies / Cities of IDR 500 million

  • 11 Januari 2021
  • 22:01 WITA
  • News

DENPASAR, - Chairperson of the TP PKK BalProvince  Putri Koster accompanied by the Head of the Bali Provincial Dukcapil Village Community Empowerment Service Putu Anom Agustina was a guest speaker in a talkshow with the theme 'Synergy of PKK Programs and Activities in 2021', at Gema Merdeka Radio, Monday ( January 11, 2021).


Putri Koster conveyed that the existence of the PKK has a very clear structure in stages from the central, provincial, district / city, sub-district, village to the smallest unit, namely Dasa Wisma.


PKK in its movement is in accordance with what is stated in the 10 main PKK programs, where the 10 main PKK programs cover all things that must be done in all aspects of our lives. Of the 10 main PKK programs, each region will make its own flagship program tailored to the conditions of the region which is a derivative of the 10 main programs.


PKK has a very strategic role in society. As a government partner, PKK assists the government in conducting socialization and education in the community in an effort to create community welfare in accordance with the government's vision and mission.


Especially during the current Covid 19 pandemic, the existence of the PKK not only helps in disseminating information related to appeals and government policies in handling Covid 19, PKK also plays a role in helping realize family food security. Where the PKK through the HATINYA PKK program invites the community to organize their home yards and plant useful plants for their daily needs such as vegetables, chilies, onions and so on. By implementing the HATINYA PKK program, in addition to the family getting healthy food, food security will also be realized in a family.


In addition, PKK also continues to socialize and educate through existing media, both printed and electronic, on the importance of Mother's Message 3 M: washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining distance as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


At the end of his direction, this multitalented artist said that in its movement the PKK will continue to work together with all parties. PKK will continue to move to improve the welfare of the community according to programs arranged based on the priority scale of regional needs based on the 10 main PKK programs. With the PKK movement which is massive, structured and in synergy with all components, the PKK will be able to assist the government in realizing its vision of Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Provincial Dukcapil Village Community Empowerment Service Putu Anom Agustina conveyed that the PKK movement was clearly structured from the central level to Dasa Wisma whose funding was supported by the government in an effort to smooth the implementation of the program in accordance with the 10 main PKK programs.


The existence of the PKK and the use of its budget have also been regulated under a very clear legal umbrella. As a tangible manifestation of the synergy between the Provincial PKK and the regencies / cities in Bali, the Bali Provincial PKK provides funding support to districts / cities where the funds are mobilized to the village in the form of Special Financial Assistance (BKK). With this BKK, PKK of all levels will move together.


In 2021, the Bali Province TP PKK will give BKK to districts / cities as much as IDR 500 million to each district / city. It is intended that in the midst of this pandemic, the PKK will continue to move in an effort to create common welfare. The use of the BKK has been carefully regulated so that the BKK disbursed will be effective and right on target. (Gix)