Japanese Consul General Praises Governor of Bali Initiative to Handle Covid-19

  • 12 Januari 2021
  • 22:01 WITA
  • News
Governor of Bali Wayan Koster hopes that a good cooperation relationship between Japan-Indonesia and Bali, in particular, will be maintained in the future

DENPASAR, Balitopnews.com - Governor of Bali Wayan Koster hopes that a good cooperation relationship between Japan-Indonesia and Bali, in particular, will be maintained in the future. So far, the cooperation between the two countries is very good, including in the fields of tourism, economy, education and others.


This was revealed when Governor Koster received the Japanese Consulate General (Konjen) in Denpasar, Ms. Katsumata Harumi at the Jaya Sabha position house, Denpasar on Tuesday (12 January 2021).


"I hope that in the future it can be improved again because culturally Japan and Bali have similarities, and Japanese people really appreciate the culture in Bali," Governor Koster said. 


Furthermore, the man who was born in Sembiran Village, Buleleng also mentioned the potential for other cooperation that can be developed by both parties, namely regarding the provision of clean, sustainable energy and environmentally friendly transportation technology.


“Bali is now very interested in developing clean, sustainable energy and environmentally friendly transportation through the use of battery-based electric vehicles. We know Japan is very advanced in this field, " Koster said. 


Meanwhile, regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Koster explained that Bali is very concerned about handling and controlling Covid-19 by tightening health protocols.


"Our figures (handling, red) continue to improve. Its achievement is very good compared to other regions in Indonesia. The new cases are quite under control, the cure rate is above 90 percent which is the highest in Indonesia and the death rate is very low, " Governor Koster explained. 


The Governor of Bali, who graduated from ITB Bandung, said that the success of this control could not be separated from the involvement of all sectors and stakeholders in Bali.


"In Bali, so far the people are very orderly. Where we also apply the values ​​of local wisdom, involving traditional villages in the control and handling of covid. This has even received praise from the President because the results are quite good, "he added.


Furthermore, the three-term former member of the DPR RI mentioned about future plans related to the addition of direct flight routes for Denpasar - Tokyo to facilitate the visit of the citizens of Japan to Bali.


"I've had discussions with the Japanese Ambassador and Garuda (Garuda Indonesia, red) and hopefully this can be done after we solve the Covid-19 pandemic problem," he said.


Meanwhile, Consul General Harumi, who was also present to introduce himself as the new Consul General, admitted that he was very impressed with the pattern of handling and controlling Covid-19 in Bali, which he thought was very good.


"The initiative carried out by the Governor really helped prevent the massive spread of Covid-19. And I make sure that our residents who are still staying in Bali will orderly carry out the regulations and requests issued by the Bali provincial government. Safety is our priority, ”Consul General Harumi said. 


The former Japanese Ambassador to Vanuatu will also ensure that Bali remains one of the main tourist destinations for Japanese citizens on vacation.


“Bali is rich in culture and art, its nature is also very beautiful. There are so many Japanese people who really love Bali, and I will do my best to help restore Bali in the future, "he said. (Gix)