Give Aid to Toddlers and Pregnant Women at Gerokgak, Putri Koster: Maintain Personal Health and Children

  • 02 Maret 2021
  • 22:03 WITA
  • News
Mrs. Putri Koster in the event of handing over assistance to malnourished babies / toddlers and pregnant women

BULELENG, - Chairperson of the TP PKK Bali Province Putri Suastini Koster invites the public, especially mothers, to maintain the health of themselves and their children, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like today.


"It is great to be there to greet all of the mothers and sisters. Remember that in today's time body health is the main thing, together we are facing Covid-19. Also obey government regulations and calls as a solution to the pandemic," Mrs. Putri Koster said in the event of handing over assistance to malnourished babies / toddlers and pregnant women, which took place at the Gerokgak District Office, Buleleng Regency on Tuesday (March 2, 2021).


During the visit which was also related to the PKK's 49th Anniversary which fell on March 4, 2021, the figure of the number one companion in Bali advised to always remember that the baby is a gift from God Almighty, so that generations can continue to produce generations. tough one. "The goal is none other than to remain strong in the strength of our nation and country. So don't underestimate our children, mothers may not be able to afford pulses, clothes or jewelry, but don't be unable to buy healthy food for our children," She said.


This woman who is also a versatile artist added that the TP PKK along with the ranks at the district level will work together and do whatever they can to help ease the burden on the mothers. "Even though it is outside of our budget, we provide them with healthy food to greet mothers. In addition, we encourage mothers who are busy to plant various food crops, the yard becomes beautiful, what is planted can be cooked for family food sources. , "She added.


Putri Koster also warned mothers to reduce or even keep children away from instant foods that contain lots of unnatural preservatives. "Let's be creative first, what is around can be used first, make the team porridge, add spinach or other vegetables. Be a tough and creative mother to produce a strong generation," She said.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Gerokgak Sub-district, Made Juartawan  expressed his gratitude for the visit of the Bali Province TP PKK, led directly by Putri Suastini Koster, to come to help with malnutrition in the Gerokgak District. "I really hope that this assistance can ease the burden on our citizens who are experiencing difficulties from an economic side, which is also due to the impact of Covid-19," said the head of the Gerokgak sub-district.


In the activity which was also attended by the Head of the Bali Province Community, Village, Population and Civil Registry Office Putu Anom Agustina, as well as the Head of the Buleleng Regency PKK Driving Team, Ayu Wardhany Sutjidra, the participating women came from Patas Village, Sumberklampok, and Celukan Bawang .


During her visit this time, Putri Koster distributed milk, rice and additional food to pregnant, nursing mothers and toddlers, especially those with nutritional problems. Each recipient received 25 kg of rice along with milk and other food as well as gifts from the TP PKK Bali Province and Buleleng Regency. (Gix)