Doni Monardo Encourages the Provincial Government of Bali to Form a Special Quarantine Task Force to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission from Abroad

  • 02 April 2021
  • 21:04 WITA
  • News
Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force, Doni Monardo

DENPASAR, - Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force, Doni Monardo, urged the Bali Provincial Government to form a special Quarantine Task Force to improve procedures for handling the mobility of Indonesian citizens (WNI) and citizens. Foreign countries (WNA) who enter Indonesian territory through Bali.


Through the Covid-19 Handling Coordination Meeting with the Bali Provincial Government at the Bali Governor's Office Thursday (April 1, 2021), Doni hopes that the formation of the Quarantine Task Force will involve all components from across Ministries / Institutions assisted by elements of the TNI / Polri, so that its implementation can be carried out in a structured and independent manner. .


"It is hoped that the Quarantine Task Force can be independent and all elements, both Ministries / Institutions, are in one command, so that all foreigners and Indonesians in Bali go through health quarantine procedures according to the provisions,"  Doni said. 


According to Doni, this is important to do because in addition to controlling the number of active cases in the country as well as to prevent the transmission of new strains of Covid-19 that could potentially occur from human traffic entering Indonesian territory via Bali.


Moreover, the momentum of the long holiday and the celebration of Eid al-Fitr in the near future also has the potential to trigger a very high movement of the community and must be anticipated so that there is no explosion in the Covid-19 case.


If this happens, hopes to reopen the economic pulse of citizens through the tourism and culture sectors will be hampered.


"If we don't do this, I'm afraid that new strains from several countries will infect our people here. As a result, our hopes to open tourism in Bali will be hampered," Doni said


Furthermore, Doni also hopes that through the performance of the Quarantine Task Force, it can immediately restore the economic activity of the community.


As is well known, during the pandemic that hit the country, the Bali region was one of the areas that experienced economic pressure due to the paralysis of the tourism sector which has become an icon and attraction of domestic and foreign tourists as the largest foreign exchange contributor.


"Because Bali nationally is experiencing very high economic pressure. So how can Bali still be able to surf against Covid-19 but also the economic life of the community will continue to run. Even though it may not be optimal, don't be too depressed. So don't be exposed to Covis-19. and did not lay down because of layoffs, " Doni explained. 


In this case, the Indonesian Government continues to provide support to the Bali Provincial Government starting from President Joko Widodo and several other Ministries / Institutions including the Covid-19 Handling Task Force.


Special attention is being paid to remember that Bali is also Indonesia's 'storefront' in the eyes of the world. Therefore, if Bali can control Covid-19 well, the level of trust and face of the Indonesian people will also be even better in the eyes of the international community.


"Bali is the entrance and also the storefront for our nation. If Bali can control Covid-19 well, then the prestige of the Indonesian nation in the eyes of the international community will also be very good," Doni concluded. (Gix)