Held Two Days, Social Action Chairperson of TP PKK Bali Greeting and Sharing in Jembrana Targeting 400 Underprivileged Citizens

  • 04 Maret 2023
  • 21:03 WITA
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Held Two Days, Social Action Chairperson of TP PKK Bali Greeting and Sharing in Jembrana Targeting 400 Underprivileged Citizens

JEMBRANA, Balitopnews.com - Still in the series of 'Social Action of the Chairperson of the TP PKK Bali Province  Greeting and Sharing' in Jembrana Regency, on the second day (Saturday, March 4 2023), the Chairperson of the TP PKK Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster marathon visited four villages in Mendoyo and Pekutatan Districts. In Mendoyo District, activities were carried out in two villages, namely Dlod Brawah and Yeh Sumbul. Meanwhile in Pekutatan District, the TP PKK Bali group greeted the people of Asahduren Village and Pekutatan Village. The day before, Mrs. Putri Koster has greeted and shared with underprivileged residents in Ekasari Village, Nusasari Village, Baluk Traditional Village and Pengambengan Village. In every village visited, Mrs. Putri Koster greeted and shared with 50 underprivileged residents, so that the social action for two days has reached 400 residents. Synergizing with various components, social action targets the lowest social groups who need a helping hand. In each location, the Head of TP PKK Bali handed over assistance to 50 underprivileged residents, consisting of the elderly, pregnant women, people with disabilities, PKK cadres and toddlers. Each received 20 kg of rice and 1 crate of eggs. Specifically for toddlers, the elderly, pregnant women, persons with disabilities and PKK cadres, they receive additional milk in varying amounts and types according to their needs. Toddlers and the elderly receive 8 boxes of milk each, while pregnant women, persons with disabilities and PKK cadres receive 2 boxes of milk. In addition, at each location of the social action activity, assistance was also given in the form of productive plant seeds from the Bali Province Environment and Forestry Service, assistance of chicken seeds along with feed and vegetable seeds from the Bali Province Agriculture and Food Crops Office. Under her instructions, Mrs. Putri Koster expressed her joy because in two days of visiting Jembrana, she could meet face to face with the community. She mentioned that the social action

During the visit on the second day of the four villages, the number one companion emphasized education on stunting prevention, awareness of the spread of rabies, the importance of caring for eye health and forest conservation. To be more optimal, Mrs. Putri Koster entrusted the provision of education to the party in charge, namely the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. Nyoman Gede Anom, Head of the Bali Province Agriculture and Food Security Office I Wayan Sunada, Head of the Bali Province Forestry and Environment Service (KLH) I Made Teja, Director of the Bali Mandara Eye Hospital, Bali Province dr. Ni Made Yuniti and Chairperson of the Regional Board of the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) for Bali Province Luh Putu Sukarini. As an introduction, Mrs Putri alluded to the importance of efforts to end stunting. Even though the number of stunting in Bali is not that high, this problem still needs to get attention so that it can be resolved as soon as possible. He added that stunting must receive serious attention because it threatens the sustainability of the nation's next generation. Therefore, he asked Posyandu cadres to be proactive about the potential for stunting in their respective environments and to coordinate and carry out prevention efforts as soon as possible by cooperating with relevant stakeholders. In addition to the issue of stunting, this woman who is known to have multiple talents also pays attention to forest conservation. According to her the existence of forests must be preserved so that the bitter experience of flash floods that hit the Jembrana area at the end of 2022 would not be repeated. "The forest in Jembrana is very large, its sustainability and safety must be maintained because apart from functioning to prevent flooding, forests are the lungs of the earth and a source of life. With forests, we can enjoy oxygen that is not contaminated by polluted air and pollution from motorized vehicles. Hopefully in Bali, especially Jembrana, we can still see the blue sky with white clouds, which indicates that the air has not been polluted," She said. Still related to environmental preservation, Mrs. Putri Koster was very impressed with the Asahduren Village area and its surroundings which still look beautiful. "The place is very clean, perhaps the village head already has a resource-based waste management system as directed by the Governor," she added while urging Asahduren residents to always preserve the environment.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. Nyoman Gede Anom in his presentation explained that stunting is a condition of failure to thrive that occurs during the first 1000 days of human life. The causative factor is chronic malnutrition, either after the baby is born or while still in the womb. Therefore, prevention must be carried out from the preparation for pregnancy until delivery and provide adequate nutrition when the baby is born. "Intervention in adolescents is very important in preventing stunting," he said. Apart from stunting, the Head of Health Services also asked the people of Bali to be aware of three diseases that are currently a serious threat, namely rabies, dengue fever and diarrhea. Still in his presentation, he specifically conveyed the management of dog bites. He mentioned, once bitten by a dog, the first aid that must be done is to wash the wound in running water using soap for 10-15 minutes. After that, the bite victim must immediately go to the nearest health care center. “The initial symptom of rabies is fever, but the lethal symptoms only appear two months later. The bite victim will behave like a rabid dog and if these symptoms appear, it is very, very dangerous. I suggest staying alert, no matter how small the bite, immediately go to the nearest health center to get treatment as soon as possible," he explained.
Education regarding the dangers of rabies was also conveyed by the Head of the Bali Province Agriculture and Food Security Service, I Wayan Sunada. He informed, Bali is very prone to rabies because of the high population of dogs which currently has reached 650 thousand heads. He noted that cases of dog bites in Bali are also relatively high, namely in 2023 there have been 3,400 bites. “Among the number of bites, 72 were positive for rabies. In fact, in Jembrana there has been one victim," he said. Therefore, his party is concerned about carrying out various efforts to prevent rabies. Efforts have been made, among others, through rabies vaccination campaigns for domestic dogs and stray dogs. Not only that, the government has also formed a rabies alert team at the village level to expedite vaccines and educate the public not to release pets and immediately go to a health facility if bitten by a dog or warm-blooded animal that has the potential to transmit rabies. He really hopes that the Bali Region will soon be free from rabies.
 Furthermore, the Head of the Bali Province KLH Office, I Made Teja, conveyed education about the importance of the movement to preserve forests. He said, protecting forest areas is very important because of its very strategic role. In addition, he also encourages the realization of resource-based waste management in each village. In his opinion, the environmental care movement in the Asahduren and Jembrana areas is generally getting better. This is shown by the mutual cooperation activities carried out by the community every month. "If possible, this can be improved. In terms of cleanliness, we often go to the forest area, we see that Jembrana has made extraordinary changes to protect the environment," he said. Still related to environmental preservation, Head of KLH Made Teja asked the public to reduce the use of plastic and styrofoam
Meanwhile, the Director of RSMBM, dr.Yuniti, invited the people of Jembrana to always maintain eye health, because the eyes are a very vital sense. "If the eye is damaged, it will greatly interfere with our daily activities," she  said. The way you can do to maintain eye health is to eat healthy food and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. Besides that, he also advised that the eyes be protected from exposure to ultraviolet rays that are too intense. "We protect it by wearing anti-ultraviolet glasses. You can also protect it in simple ways, such as wearing a hat so that you can reduce direct exposure to ultraviolet light to the eyes," she concluded. 
Next, the Chairperson of IBI Bali Luh Putu Sukarini delivered a presentation regarding steps to prevent stunting. He asked pregnant women to always maintain their health and pay attention to environmental cleanliness. "Likewise with children, younger siblings, mothers with toddlers and teenagers, please pay attention to your diet. Teenagers often rule out eating patterns, even though it is during adolescence that the embryo of reproductive health begins. Reproductive health will not be good if nutritional intake is not considered," She said. The social action of the Chairperson of the Bali Province TP PKK Greeting and Sharing was also attended by the Chairperson of the Jembrana Regency TP PKK Mrs. Candrawati Tamba, the Chairperson of the Jembrana Regency GOW Mrs. Inda Patriana Krisna, Head of the Bali Province Village Community Empowerment, Population and Civil Registry Service Putu Anom Agustina and a member of the TP PKK Bali Province and TP PKK Jembrana district. Still in the series of TP PKK Bali work visits at Bumi Makepung, an IVA Test service was also held. Not only that, the Bali Mandara Eye Hospital (RSMBM) also organizes eye health checks, provides free glasses and free cataract surgery at the Pekutatan Health Center. (Rls/Btnc)