Students From University in London, Impressing With Tanah Lot Police, Tabanan

The Students from University in London impressing with the Chief Subsector Tanah Lot Police Mr Subagia on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Mr Subagia was patrolling at the Tanah lot tourism objects,  he met a group of tourist at the beach,  as a policeman Mr Subagia gived them greetings and say good afternoon,  and then gived them congrats  all of them were students at University in London. They came to Bali for holiday. One of them Miss Alice said this is the last day in Bali, because tomorrow we are leave Bali.

“Bali is amazing beautiful.  We loved Bali,” Miss Alice said. They also said the police  is very friendly at Tanah lot tourism destination. And they will be comeback to Bali again said. Then They don't forget take picture with the Friendly Police Mr Subagia,  all them look so  happy. ( / MD )