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Rejang Kesari Dance Welcomes WWF Delegation Members Visiting  Jatiluwih Destination

Sabtu, 25 Mei 2024

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

TABANAN, - A total of 44 rejang kesari dancers welcomed 150 members of the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) Delegation who visited the Jatiluwih Destination  on Saturday ( May 25, 2024).

Delegation members who attended came from several countries such as Japan, Kenya, Francis, Estonia, Denmark, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Suriname, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Morocco, India and several committee members from Jakarta. Arriving at around 11.30 AM, the group was greeted by The Manager of Jatiluwih I Ketut Purna.

Meanwhile, the Tabanan Regional Secretary carried out flower garlands for Delegation members.

They were greeted by the Rejang Kesari dance performed by PKK women from Jatiluwih Village.

The Manager of Jatiluwih Destination  I Ketut Purna then directed the group to the attraction of pounding sandalwood red rice. The attraction of traditional rice pounding was able to attract the attention of WWF delegation members. "Today we welcomed the delegates with the rejang kesari dance. This dance only exists in Jatiluwih Village,"  I Ketut Purna.explained.

He, who is often called Jhon, explained that the rejang kesari dance is specifically for Dewi Sri because she has provided fertility and prosperity in the rice fields. He said that preparations for welcoming the WWF delegation took one month. Because the party hopes that after the visit of the WWF delegation, it will be able to increase tourist visits to DTW Jatiluwih, both domestic and foreign tourists.

Ni Nyoman Sukawati, one of the Rejang Kesari dancers, said that preparations for the rejang kesari dance practice to welcome the WWF delegation were carried out over 7 practice times
"There are a total of 40 dancers, we took representatives from each Banjar," She explained. Sho who is also the Head of the PKK Jatiluwih Village, added the rejang kesari dance as a form of respect and gratitude to Dewi Sri for providing prosperity and fertility to the Jatiluwih sandalwood red rice Balinese rice plants. "The dancers also wear three strands of rice flowers tied using black, red and white tri-datu thread," She explained .. (MD)


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