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Organic Farming Jatiluwih

Jumat, 01 Juni 2018

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

Organic Farming Jatiluwih


Tabanan is part of the province of Bali has a vast potential in agriculture. Most of the rice its people wrestle in  agriculture. Subak agriculture especially wet with the main income of rice. With abundant rice production, Tabanan was dubbed with its rice production area of Bali.

Bali as an organic island.

Farmers in Tabanan began and switch to organic farming. Since 2010, farmers in Subak Jatiluwih,  Jatiluwih Village  already started to switch to organic farming.  Step by step, now most of the local farmers have switched to organic fertilizer. This is also supported by the location of the upstream region located in Tabanan. So the residues of non-organic fertilizers almost impassable because of upstream Subak Jatiluwih a forest area.


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