Koster Wants Train in Bali to be Local and Environmentally Friendly

Balitopnews.com, Denpsar 
The Governor Bali  Wayan Koster wants the operation of the unit and railway lines in Bali to remain harmonious with the nature and culture of Bali and environmentally friendly.
"We want a different design, with its own aesthetics and characteristics, with a touch of local nuance. So different from other regions. Bali is small, but always seen by the world," Koster said in the Presentation and Discussion of Bali Province Railway Development in Jayasabha, Denpasar on Friday (May 10, 2019).
Governor Koster explained that the construction of railways in Bali is an embodiment of adequate transportation development on the Island of the Gods.
"Bali is a world tourist destination, becoming an international spotlight. It is appropriate to have an adequate transportation network," he explained.
According to the Chaiman of the DPD PDI Perjuangan Bali, the community responded well to the plan. "The response of the public is extraordinary for this plan to develop access to public transportation," he said.
Going forward, Koster said that it would continue to encourage the improvement of the transportation system in Bali. "Land, sea and air transportation will continue to be improved in addition to the community, also supporting the tourism industry in Bali," he said.
In addition, the central government targets the number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia to reach 20 million people per year. Bali itself remains a leading tourist destination to attract foreign tourist visits to the country.
"Its must be supported by good transportation facilities," said Koster.
Meanwhile, Head of Planning Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Gede Pasek Suardika expressed his support, even encouraging the realization of the development and development of trains in Bali.
"This is also in accordance with the mandate of the President who encouraged infrastructure development and national connectivity," he explained.
He also suggested that the railway line could be connected to airports and other activity centers, thereby accelerating access and services to the community. (Balitopnews.com / Amo Bali)