Yunnan Province China, Plan to Cooperation With Bali, Denpasar 
Deputy Governor of  Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati expressed him support for the wishes of Yunnan Province, China to explore cooperation in economy and tourism fields  with Bali Province
This was conveyed when Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati  received a visit from the Deputy Chairperson of the Yunan Province Standing Committee Mr. Li Pei, on Monday (May 13, 2019). 
Mr. Li Pei accompanied by the ranks of the Yunnan Province delegation consisting of Consul Generals, and the Deputy Consul expressed their gratitude for the collaboration that has been established well from 2003. He hopes that this established relationship can be woven more closely, especially in the tourism sector. Li Pei explained the great enthusiasm of his citizens towards Bali Province as a tourism destination that is geographically surrounded by beaches, considering that Yunnan is more surrounded by land.
Li Pei also expressed his desire to invite Deputy Governor Cok Ace to specifically attend the annual China South Asia Expo which will be held on June 12-18, 2019, while also inviting more participants from Bali to participate in opening the exhibition stand, because during the previous event participants from Bali only around 10 people and the items on display are still few.
Li Pei also hopes to be able to open direct flight routes from Yunnan to Bali, after he saw firsthand the existing service standards at Ngurah Rai Airport. In addition, as a breakthrough in increasing Yunnan tourist visits to Bali, it has also made technological innovations where Yunnan tourists will find it easier to order hotels, flights, restaurants to access language translations, in addition if there are problems the tourists can also provide complaint to the Yunan Government and will be responded to at least 30 minutes after the complaint. He hopes that the technology will further increase the number of Yunnan tourists who come to Bali.
Deputy Governor of Bali ,  Cok Ace accompanied by Head of Tourism Industry Office of Bali Province Tourism Ida Ayu Indah Yustikarini, responded seriously to the matters conveyed by Mr. Li Pei. He plans to invite entrepreneurs from Bali to see business opportunities that are cooperated.
Regarding the Expo which will be held in Yunnan Province, Cok Ace expressed his support but has not been able to ensure participation because it still needs to learn about the Expo that is carried out regarding the type of goods or a cultural exhibition. In addition, Cok Ace also said that the collaboration between Bali and Yunan could not only be carried out in the field of tourism but also in the cultural field. According to him, the background of the history of Kang Cing Wi is circulating in Bali and many Balinese people adopt Chinese culture, so that it can be used as a potential collaboration, such as cultural tourism in Yunnan to Bali. So that people who visit not only enjoy the natural charm that exists in Bali but also explore the culture that exists in Bali. "I also invited Yunnan residents to attend the annual Bali event, the Bali Arts Festival which will be held in June," Cok Ace  said. ( / Amo Bali )