Putri Koster Invites Again to Awaken Fashion Design titled Bali Ornaments

  • 08 Juni 2019
  • 20:31 WITA


Balitopnews.com, Denpasar

Chairman of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) Province of Bali, Putri Suastini Koster invites young designers, especially from the millennial generation, to revive the fashion industry with Balinese art themes, such as in the era of the 80s.

That was conveyed by Putri Suastini is also the wife of Bali Governor Wayan Koster in her remarks when opening the 6th Bali Mode  event in 2019 at Level 21, Denpasar on Friday (June, 7 2019)

Among other things by bringing up various design modes that are titled Balinese ornaments such as the form of pepatran (flora), kekarangan (Fauna) and other Balinese cultural nuances.

"In the 80s, many Balinese designers came up with fashion designs titled Balinese cultural arts, even to the point of going international. Come on, let's get excited again, and especially by designers from the millennial generation of Bali. Of course, for the design, it must adjust to the existing updates, "She said.

Putri Koster, who in the 80s and 90s was known as a versatile famous artist, then hoped that the implementation of various fashion events such as Bali Mode would be able to spur the creation of young Balinese designers to create a variety of quality design works that are nationally and internationally competitive. The various design works, of course, still prioritize Balinese local wisdom such as made from endek fabric.

"I hope our young designers can create endek-based designs to be able to go national and even internationally," She said.

For that, in the future he hopes that various similar events will continue to be promoted to further encourage the progress of fashion production centers from Bali so that the market will expand to the exit, as it was booming in the era of the 80s.

"The more frequent events like this, I hope to grow SMEs in Bali like the 80s, where many garments were born to meet the needs and market demand from outside," She explained.

"This is very good, it will absorb a lot of labor. That is the important role of the government here. Let us build synergies for the progress of SMEs in Bali, "She added.

The government's role is meant by its side, namely in the form of standardizing prices on products marketed by SMEs. The standard price of SME products is needed so that unfair competition does not occur so that it can damage market prices. In addition, there is also a need for quality certification to maintain the quality of the products sold.

Meanwhile, the initiator of  Bali Mode, Putu Ayu Weda Srithi said that the event was held with the aim of supporting the improvement of the economy in Bali, especially SMEs.

The event was also coupled with various fashion shows created by a number of young Balinese designers. (Balitopnews.com / Amo Bali)