Governor Koster Give Free Stand Exhibition at Bali Arts Festival 2019

  • 09 Juni 2019
  • 21:02 WITA, Denpasar

Dozens of booths or platforms for selling various merchandise at the arena of the Bali Arts Festival (PKB) which were originally rented out, are now decided to be free or free by interested ones who intend to trade.

The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster has taken a policy to eliminate dozens of stands, both permanently built and tents erected in Bali Arts Festival area which are routinely held every year at the Art Center, Denpasar.

The governor, known as the initiator of quite a lot of provisions or regulations in force in his area, said that the free policy of the stands was intended to give full support and encourage the progress of local MSMEs and the creative economy that began to grow in Bali or Island of  God.

"With the free stand for MSMEs in the Bali Arts Festival 2019, I ask all participants to maintain order and discipline. Maintain the good name of Bali Arts Festival and Bali in general so that they remain noble and conducive, clean and tidy," said Governor Koster when giving directions and meeting with event exhibitors Bali Arts Festival 2019, at the Ksirarnawa Art Center Building Denpasar, Sunday morning  (June, 9 2019).

In addition, the Chairman of the DPD  PDI Perjuangan Bali also reminded all community members, especially those involved in  Bali Arts Festival always be able to maintain a cool and compact attitude. Thus, the Bali Arts Festival image will be even better in the future.

He said, togetherness between artisans and MSMEs was very important. "The position of the stand will be drawn and there should be no fuss from fellow brothers," he stressed.

Going forward, he will continue to work to improve the Bali Arts Festival title, so that in turn it will get better. One of them is to improve the form of policy, which in turn can accommodate more local SMEs in Bali.

"The format is in the future so that more people can participate in the exhibition, all of them will get it. This is certainly through good selection," he explained.

Regarding the stand that has been leased at the Bali Arts Festival arena, Governor Koster considers the income from the booth rental is actually very small. "I counted not up to Rp. 2 billion. So in my opinion, this Bali Arts Festival is not a place to make money, especially if what is charged is MSME participants in Bali," he stressed.

The governor claimed that he had intended to eliminate the stand at Bali Arts Festival for the craftsmen from the MSME. "For that, when I was elected, I immediately made a legal regulation that regulates, namely the regulation of the new governor to be free from levies," he said. He adding, "Never hesitate to help small people," Koster said.

The exhibitors were also encouraged to actively open new networks to advance their business. "Later we will help all craftsmen in Bali in opening networks and markets, access outside the region to other countries, including creating a design house for the creative industry of Bali branding. We facilitate it for free," he said excitedly.

The governor stated that he would continue to carry out dialogue about anything that was an obstacle for MSMEs in Bali. "Raw materials, capital, marketing, or whatever, we will find a way out. All to advance and foster the power of people's economy in Bali, that is our ideal," said the former member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR.

According to Koster, Bali Arts Festival  2019 really should be filled with new material, which in general will prioritize villagers group art and traditional Balinese art in traditional villages. "Please see the opening parade later, the atmosphere will be different. Likewise with the art material contested, there will be a lot of renewal," he said. "We pray together that President Jokowi can be present directly at the Bali Arts Festival," Koster Added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Dekranasda of Bali Province, Putri Suastini Koster in her direction wanted an effort from more independent artisans to uplift local industries. "For example in the clothing field, motifs are now developing with embroidery techniques that are almost similar to those of original songket, the price is also cheaper. cheap, "said the wife of the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster.

To the artisans, Putri Koster hopes that she can still preserve the fabric of the ancestral heritage to be lifted and reconstructed. Thus, traditional motifs will remain alive and sustainable, especially if supported with high-quality ingredients.

"We cannot stem the invasion of external products, but we can at least maintain and maintain our idealism towards local design products. Let's bring pride to our products," said the woman who is also known as an art activist.

On the same occasion, the Head of the Bali Province Industry and Trade Agency (Disperindag) Putu Astawa said that the selection of participants who would take part in the exhibition began with socialization to regencies / cities throughout Bali, which were then conducted by each Department of Industry and Trade. "So, those who are entitled to participate in the exhibition at the provincial level are those from the recommendations of the district / city," he said.

Given the large number of interested people who want to participate in the exhibition, the items to be exhibited must have certain qualifications. So, not all items can be exhibited. "Because of the name Bali Arts Festival, of course the items on display are authentic Balinese products, not from outside Bali," he said, adding that the products on display had been curated by a team from ISI Denpasar.

In line with the Governor, Astawa reiterated that the exhibitors did not pay anything, or free to become participants. "This is also a feature that the Bali Provincial Government supports the development and progress of local Balinese SMEs so that this industry can skyrocket in the future," he said.

He said, this year's Bali Arts Festival exhibition will be attended by 304 participants, increasing compared to the previous year's 215 participants. "For the time from June 15 to July 13, 2019. With this new policy, we hope to increase harmony and harmony among SME actors in accordance with the vision ‘Nangun Sat Kerthi loka Bali’. ( / Amo Bali )