Putri Koster Invites Media to Fight the Dangers of Drugs and HIV / AIDS

  • 03 Juli 2019
  • 14:10 WITA


Balitopnews.com, Denpasar

Chairperson of TP PKK Bali Province Putri Suastini Koster invites various parties, especially media both to intensify the campaign for the dangers of drugs and the spread of HIV / AIDS. Because the media has a very important role in delivering information to build public awareness.

That was revealed when Putri Koster received the hearing of the Bali National Anti-Narcotics Movement (GANNAS) led by her chairman, MY Yusdiana in Jaya Sabha, Denpasar, on Wednesday (  July 3, 2019).

Moreover, especially nowadays, according to him, the use of media, especially online media, is so rapid, that socialization through media is one of the most effective ways to build public awareness about the dangers of drugs and HIV AIDS.

"Media is the spearhead of information in the community, so it plays an important role in maintaining public health and building public awareness of the dangers of drugs and HIV AIDS. Let us move together in unity, one step really really continuously fighting so that Bali is free of drugs and HIV / AIDS, "She said.

Support and participation of all parties is needed, because drug trafficking is at an alarming rate. Drug abuse is occupation in other forms, because it will damage and destroy the mentality of the next generation.

Therefore, various efforts to prevent drug abuse must be intensified, especially among the militant generation who will become the foundation and future of the nation. "From drugs, it can transmit HIV AIDS through the use of shared needles. This is very dangerous. We have to move together, one vision, one goal we fight with drugs and HIV / AIDS," She said.


Meanwhile, Chairperson of GANNAS Bali, MY Yusdiana conveyed, GANNAS Bali is an organization consisting of various elements of the community who are engaged in aggressively making various efforts to prevent the spread of drugs in the community. Among other things, socializing to a number of schools, youth clubs and parents related to the latent danger of drugs.