Putri Koster Worried that Bali's Songket Woven Fabrics Are Abandoned by the Community

  • 10 Juli 2019
  • 09:02 WITA

Balitopnews.com, Denpasar

Chairman of Dekranasda Bali Province Putri Koster, stated that in the next 5-10 years, it is feared that there will be no songket weavers.

This concern is raised, because the Balinese people lately prefer to use embroidered cloth products whose motif designs resemble those of songket woven fabrics. Where this embroidery fabric is cheaper, compared to the price of the original Balinese songket woven fabric.

"Even if viewed further, Balinese weaving is not only a type of ordinary cloth. Moreover, Balinese woven fabric is one type of traditional Balinese woven fabric with a unique and classic process by producing 'limited edition' items. For that reason, the community . Bali must jointly preserve and preserve the noble ancestral heritage," Putri Koster said  when opening the 'Bali Songket Woven Fabric Weaving Workshop' which took place at Ksirarnawa Building, Taman Budaya, Denpasar on Wednesday (July 10, 2019).

Furthermore, Putri Koster stated that the workshop was held in collaboration with Dekranasda Bali Province with the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Bali Province, to further awaken the existence of Balinese songket woven fabrics which had begun to be abandoned, because they were unable to compete with embroidery products.

She acknowledged that the lack of interest of consumers in buying Balinese woven fabrics and switching to embroidered fabrics would certainly kill the efforts of Balinese songket woven fabric makers. For this reason, she invites craftsmen and embroidery businessmen to create their own embroidery motifs and do not imitate the motifs of Balinese songket woven fabrics that have existed so far. "While I ask the craftsmen, where for the existing songket weaving cloths need to be reconstructed and new motifs made, so that there is a diversity of motifs and interest by consumers," She said.

Putri Koster also said that another solution that can be done to maintain Bali songket is the embroidery fabric small and medium industry to encourage consumers to wear embroidery fabrics for fashion or kebaya because of its lighter texture, while heavier woven fabrics can be used for kamen. "If we jointly do this, then of course we can improve the welfare of the artisans evenly, artisans of songket woven fabrics or embroidery fabrics," She said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Bali Province Causa  Imam Karana stated that this event was a step in following up on Bali Governor Regulation No. 99 of 2018 concerning Marketing and Utilization of Bali's Agricultural, Fisheries and Local Industry Products and  line with Bali's vision and mission in 2018 -2023, namely 'Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali', through the universal development pattern planning to realize the New Era of Bali.

Next, to follow up on the preservation of Bali songket, it has provided guidance to songket artisans in all regencies / cities in Bali. He hopes that this workshop will further spur the spirit of the artisans to further develop the songket motif that exists today.

In the workshop which lasted for two hours, it was filled by IGM Arsawan speakers who were artisans of Patra weaving and Nyoman Sudirta who were also songket artisans. (Balitopnews.com / Amo Bali)