Tourists Visiting Tanah Lot Reached 1,2 Milion
Until the first week of May 2016 tourists visiting Tanah Lot  Destination in  Kediri , Tabanan exceeded 1.22617 million travelers

Compared to the previous year in the same month , this amount increased by 15 percent . It was revealed by Operations Manager Tanah Lot I Ketut Toya Adnyana , Tuesday ( 10/5 )

He said , from 1.22617 million the number of visits of tourists, still dominated by domestic tourists amounted to 674 167 . While foreign tourists 552 003 tourists. " We will continue to strive to provide the best services to tourists , " he explained
In order to provide a sense of comfort , this year it made a number of infrastructure improvements . Including providing parking area is always crowded when the long week end . "We admit when long holidays , parking is always full and accumulate especially large buses that brought the group had traffic  , " he explained . To anticipate that it had coordinated with local governments . In fact, some time ago of PU Tabanan has dropped surveyed plan related to the exit through the Subak way through to the  Belalang Village and Nyitdah Village.  . " But until now we have not received the results of the survey proficiency level, " he explained . If it can be achieved, then the current congestion in the long weekend , the end of the year , or when there is ceremony  in the Tanah Lot Tample  will be solved. " But all ,We are just waiting for orders , "he concluded.