Tabanan Journalists Association Regret Statement Vice Regent of Tabanan
Tabanan Journalists Association (Pewarta)   deplored the statement  Vice Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya in Tabanan Serasi group on WhatsApp is one point  mention activities Press Tour to Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara from March 1 to May 3, 2016 .
In response to the reporter immediately held a special meeting on Wednesday ( 11/5 ) in the Press Room Tabanan   Regent Office.

In addition to deplore and objected to the statement  Sanjaya , three points decision taken in the meeting Pewarta set forth in the statement .
The first related to news in The Daily Nusa Bali edition of Tuesday, May 10, 2016 , titled PNS Tabanan ' herded ' Entrance to the Cage Bull has nothing to do with the activities of Press Tour to Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara , which runs from May 1, 2016 until May 3, 2016 . Second , regretted and deplored quotes by Vice Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya in Tabanan group Dressage in Whatsapp , dated May 11, 2016 at 22:03 pm which reads " the proof of this baru2 all media were invited to Lombok bersama2..Walau there is morbidly support Ekajaya ... " . Thirdly , the statement impressed sectoral and did not deserve a state official said that people mandate thoroughly and not the leader of a group or organization

"The decision of the meeting the other is to invite the Vice Bupati officially tomorrow ( today ed) for a statement on the group klafirikasi on whatsapp , " explained Head of Pewarta I Ketut Sugina . He sadi , inviting Vice Regent of Tabanan goal was to hear directly from the vice-regent clarification so that this problem becomes bright. "  We were troubled by the statement of the Vice Regent of Tabanan because we felt it was working in accordance with procedures and in accordance with the code  journalism , " he concluded.