Vice Regent of Tabanan Sanjaya Apologizes To Tabanan Journalists Association (Pewarta)
Vice Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya apologized to Tabanan Journalists Association ( Pewarta -red) for his comments in Tabanan Serasi WhatsApp group . Submission apology directly expressed by  Sanjaya in  meeting at the Press Room,  Office of the Regent of Tabanan , on Thursday ( 12/5 ).

"I as the Vice Regent and personally apologize for my comments in Tabanan Serasi WhatsApp group," explains Sanjaya . He said that  in Tabanan Dressage WA group there was no intent to offend members Announcers. "I loss of control commented in WA," he said. He explain,  Tabanan Serasi WA Group has been formed about 2 weeks. Initially member is all Head of  SKPD "The goal made Group WA Tabanan Befitting for monitoring the performance of SKPD," said Sanjaya. WA group formation Tabanan Dressage also inspired other areas such as the municipality of Denpasar, Badung and others who also have a group  WA with members SKPD. The Tabanan Serasi  WA group  then added some members from outside SKPD. " I invite incorporate some journalist friends, there is also the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (ORI) Bali, and politicians," he explained. Indeed, the aim of the group members  WA Tabanan Serai in addition to SKPD is Tabanan want to open in  everythings. "My step group members: WA Tabanan Dressage outside SKPD , his life has been reminded by several parties. But I still insisted on a trial, "he explained. Ultimately what he did  encounter stumbling blocks and some of his comments  make journalist offended. "Once again I apologize," he said.

Like the previous news, Tabanan Journalists Association (Pewarta-red) deplored the statement the Vice Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya in Tabanan group Serasi on WhatsApp is one poinya mention activities Press Tour to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara from March 1 to May 3, 2016.
In response to the reporter immediately held a special meeting on Wednesday (11/5) at the Press Room Office Regent of  Tabanan.
In addition to deplore and objected to the statement Wabup Sanjaya, three points decision taken in the meeting Pewarta set forth in the statement.
The first related to news in The Daily Nusa Bali edition of Tuesday, May 10, 2016, titled PNS Tabanan 'herded' Entrance to the Cage Bull has nothing to do with the activities of Press Tour to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, which runs from May 1, 2016 until May 3, 2016 . Second, regretted and deplored quotes by Vice Regent of Tabanan I Komang Gede Sanjaya in Tabanan group Dressage in Whatsapp, dated May 11, 2016 at 22:03 pm which reads "the proof of this baru2 all media were invited to Lombok bersama2..Walau there is morbidly support Ekajaya ... ". Thirdly, the statement impressed sectoral and did not deserve a state official said that people mandate thoroughly and not the leader of a group or organization.