Diversity Love and Peace Ceremony Closing By Joged Bumbung Dance

  • 15 November 2016
  • 21:00 WITA
  • News

Diversity Love and Peace ceremony closing by joged bumbung dance in Alit Saputra Field, Dangin Carik, Tabanan City, on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

Joged Bumbung dance is one of the social dance of Balinese society. Joged Bumbung dance usually performed in social events in Bali, such as weddings. This dance is danced by female dancers, who then look for a couple of men from the audience to be invited to dance along. This dance is a social dance originally created by farmers at that time to entertain when taking a break after working in the barn. This dance was much in demand by the public and becomes an art groups.

While the Diversity Love and Peace ceremony are adopting Hindu philosophy Tri Hita Karana. Tabanan Police Chief, AKBP Marsdianto said that the implementation of Diversity Love and Peace ceremony  is the initial activity of a series of movements to maintain diversity and brotherhood across ethnic, religious, racial and groups, especially in the face of the threat of disintegration.

Present in that ceremony, such as the Chairman of Parliament Tabanan I Ketut Suryadi, Regional Leadership Coordination Forum, the Forum of religious leaders, and community leaders in Tabanan Regency.