Mojokerto Parliament Learning Tourism Regulation in Tabanan Parliament

  • 17 November 2016
  • 05:34 WITA
  • News
Mojokerto parliament learning tourism regulation in Tabanan Parliament on Thursday, November 17,2016.
Mojokerto parliament group led by deputy chairman of the parliament Sofie and they received by I Wayan Sudiana SE, accompanied by I Gusti Ngurah Mayun legislators from the PDIP.

Tabanan regency was chosen as the place for Tabanan rated stady appeal has succeeded in developing the tourism well. Supported by good infrastructure anyway. "We would like to know the tips DPRD Tabanan in tourism development is equipped with inprastruktur arrangement so as to generate high revenue for the region," said Mohamad Sikuh one member of Mojokerto parliament. He said, so far Mojokerto tourism potential is very diverse. Moreover, the center of the Majapahit kingdom was also in Mojokerto region that the future can be developed into a flagship tourist destination.

I Wayan Sudiana who received the visit of Parliament expressed his gratitude for the visit Mojokerto Mojokerto Parliament to Tabanan. He is also a member of the Budget  and Commission III DPRD Tabanan Tabanan explained already have regulations on tourism  which leads to an increase in Tabanan PAD. "We are also currently focus on improving infrastructure, especially the road improvements," he said. Because according to politicians from the village of Marga Dauh Puri, District Marga, Tabanan regency has the longest road in the province of Bali. And currently has about 300 Kilometers repaired. "Our target in Tabanan in 2017, the condition of roads in Tabanan are already in good shape," he said.