RIP I Made Sudiarta, Legislator Gerindra Party

  • 23 November 2016
  • 17:57 WITA
  • News
Made Sudiarta SE (50) members of parliament from Tabanan Gerindra Faction  died at Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, on Wednesday November 23, 2016.  Sudiarta was in intensive care for a month and a half in Sanglah Hospital due to disease complications.

Ni Nengah Sri Labantari vice DPRD Tabanan who also co deceased in Gerindra Fraction admitted surprise when receiving a call from one of her colleagues around 10:00 am. "I was called a friend, he said Mr Made Sudiarta died," said Labantari. One week earlier she had visited him in Sanglah Hospital, see the current condition of the deceased. She added that deceased was his friend who was invited to fight together in Gerindra in Tabanan. So Gerindra can make factions in parliament Tabanan. "We felt very lost supple figure in many respects," she said.

I Made Suarta member of PDIP Fraction also was shocked to hear the news about I Made Sudiarta. "We were surprised hear  such information," said PDI-P politician from Kediri District. He admitted during the relationships between members of DPRD Tabanan established. So he felt very lost one of his colleagues in the legislature.

Made Sudiarta is a legislative candidate from Gerindra party in legislative elections 9 April 2014. He is the only one candidate  Gerindra from  electoral district I Sub Tabanan and Kerambitan who escaped and managed to steal a chair from the 10 seats it contested in electoral district I . Politicians Gerindra from Sub Village Sangging, Kelating Village, Kerambitan District was later inducted into the DPRD Tabanan period 2014-2019. Ngaben ceremony will be held late date of 27 November 2016.