History of Tabanan City and The 523 Anniversary

  • 29 November 2016
  • 20:56 WITA
  • News

Today, 523 Tabanan City Anniversary, various arts and cultural festival held in celebrate that. So how was story about the birth of Tabanan City ?

Base on oratory  told that on October 2, 1352 Tabanan inaugurated as part of the Duchy of Bali region by appointing Arya Kenceng as Anglurah and Minister. Government at that time located in Puri Buahan , Pucangan Village. And on November 29, 1943, the administrative center was moved to Puri Agung Tabanan and the city is called Singasana of the throne led by Sri Magada Natha. Because The King of Tabanan at that time chose to live a spiritual life, then the royal throne handed over by Crown Prince Nararya Anglurah Languang with the title of Prabu Singasana. Inauguration Castle as the seat of the king in the city named Singasana is used as a benchmark the birth of Tabanan City right now.

So, every November 29, Tabanan Regency Government celebrate the anniversary of Tabanan city.