History of Luhur Sekar Taji Temple in Sekar Taji Custom Village

Luhur Sekar Taji Tample located in  Sekar Taji custom  village, Sesandan Village, Tabanan District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. This temple stands about two hundred meters south from residents of the village and surrounded by bamboo forests and moorlands. What is the history of existence and the current journey of Sekar Taji temple? Here's the report.

To get to Sekar Taji Temple, from downtown Tabanan towards the north or by crossing the path Tabanan - Buruan. About two hundred meters north of the Wanasari Village Butterfly Park, go east until it reaches the intersection of Sekartaji custom  Village. From this intersection to the south about two hundred meters. One hundred meters before entering the temple, the journey is welcomed by the coolness of the forest that makes the journey to enter the Sekartaji temple  is soothing and gives birth to a sense of compassion to offer the worship of devotion, the blessing of His glory in granting life.
Associated with the history of the existence of the temple, is currently being compiled purana (history ) Sekartaji temple  by a team of compilers purana who chaired Drs. I Gusti Ngurah Tara Wiguna, M.Hum., Who is a lecturer in the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University. According to Ngurah Tara Wiguna, Pura Luhur Sekartaji has been established between the first century until the seventeenth century AD. This is based on the existence of the evidence of megalithic inscriptions in the form of a stone throne that is on the front of each holy temple..

Tara Wiguna explains, a few centuries after the founding of the temple or around the XVI century AD, the King of Tabanan Cokorda Lepas Dimade took a wife in Sekartaji Village which came to be known as Mekel Sekar and from his marriage then gave birth to a son named Cokorda Sekar. As an adult, Cokorda Sekar replaced his father's position as King of Tabanan.

After the King of Tabanan ie Cokorda Lepas Dimade death, the son of his marriage with Mekel Sekar Cokorda Sekar who replaced his father's position as King Tabanan then worship his ancestor in Pelinggih Gedong ( main temple ) in Sekar Taji Temple.
Tara Wiguna explained, during the reign of Cokorda Sekar this arrangement of Sekartaji Taji  is done. Including addition of pelinggih-pelinggih (holy temple )  inherited to this day besides also bequeath the profit of the temple area of approximately fifteen hectares. "As for the management of Sekartaji Temple  is submitted to Mekel Sekartaji with Sekartaji community," he explained.

Related to the function of this temple, Tara Wiguna said that Sekartaji Temple is almost the same as Penaataran Temple. So this temple is worth visiting by all layers of the Hindus religious community, including also by the spiritual aspirants. Moreover, the existence of the old holy temple and ornaments carving a unique and ancient make the feel of this temple in addition to cooling inner is so deep  impressed. RRBNC