Governor of Bali Will Inspection The Application of the New Era of Life Order Protocols in Four Tourism Destination

  • 08 Juli 2020
  • 20:07 WITA
  • News

DENPASAR, - To ensure the New Era of Life Order Protocol runs well, on Thursday 9 July, the Governor of Bali together with Forkopimda will conduct a direct visit to a number of Tourism  Destination


Previously, the Governor of Bali had issued circular No. 3355 of 2020 concerning the New Era of Life Order Protocol. This was revealed by Bali Provincial Secretary Dewa Made Indra, Wednesday, July 8, 2020.


"Tomorrow the Governor together with Forkopimda will conduct a field review related to the implementation of the new era of life planning protocols. Some of the objects to be addressed include Bali Safari Marine Park in Gianyar, Kertagosa in Klungkung, Mall Beachwalk and Kuta beach, Badung," Dewa Indra said


Dewa Indra said, the implementation of the New Era of Life Order was carried out considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was long enough without any certainty when it would end. Therefore, the government needs to behave to revive economic activity in Bali which was hit by the cessation of the tourism sector.


"I ask that in carrying out activities continue to apply the New Era Life Order Protocol in an orderly, disciplined, and with a full sense of responsibility, such as always wearing a mask / face shield, keep a distance, not crowding, diligently washing hands, and Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS), as well as maintaining endurance, "he pleaded.


Dewa Indra also pleaded with the Balinese manners to always comply with the appeal, direction and policies of the Central Government, TNI / Polri, Provincial Governments, Regency / City Governments, Customary Village Councils, and Religious Councils, so that they could be productive and safe covid-19.


Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Bali Parlement, Nyoman Sugawa Kory said that the Bali Parlement  fully supports the Implementation of the New Era of Life Order Protocol.


According to him, the Bali Parlement is ready to support the provision of the budget in the Bali Province Semesta Planned Regional Budget for health, handling economic impacts and social safety nets.


"We provide full support for the gradual opening of community activities, both social and economic. However, there will still be close supervision of the activities that will be opened by implementing a strict covid-19 health protocol as well," he explained.


Furthermore, the types of activities that will be opened in order to be verified in advance whether it is feasible to be opened. According to him, this is very important to do so there will be no missteps in the implementation of the new era's life order. 


"I agree that tourism activities will be opened in stages, first locally, then nationally and lastly for foreign countries. Activities to be opened must be strictly verified," explained the board member from Banyuatis Village, Banjar, Buleleng.


He also asked that the tourist attractions to be opened whether the hand washing area, hand sanitizer, thermo gun and other health protocols had been prepared and social distancing applied. "Don't let your guard down, do an evaluation. So the risk is not there," he concluded. (Gix)