Putri Koster Appreciates Collaboration of Poets and Artists in The Poetry Book

  • 17 Maret 2021
  • 21:03 WITA
  • News
Putri Suastini Koster

DENPASAR, Balitopnews.com - Putri Suastini Koster, who is known as a poet, appreciates the transfer of poetry, painting and sketch creations from the collaboration of the poet Dewa Putu Sahadewa and the artist Made Gunawan, which is written in the poetry book 'Gajah Mina'.


This appreciation was expressed when giving views on the weigh-in event for the creation of poetry, paintings and sketches in the poetry book 'Gajah Mina' which was carried out in a hybrid, offline and online mix.


Informants and participants are limited to attendance at the Cinema Room, Ksirarnawa Building, Cultural Park of Bali Province. Putri Koster followed her online from her office in the Jayasabha Building, and other participants followed online from their respective locations.


Putri Koster conveyed that the publication of the poetry book 'Gajah Mina' is proof that the Covid-19 pandemic has not dampened the creativity of Balinese artists in their work. According to her, the creativity shown by Balinese artists and cultural observers in the midst of the pandemic was very positive because it was related to efforts to maintain body immunity. "When an artist creates, it will create a feeling of happiness because it must be based on a sincere heart. This will provide positive energy that keeps our immunity and faith strong during a pandemic, ”She said.


In relation to the transfer of painting and poetry creations contained in a poetry book, Putri Koster calls it a neat collaboration. Based on his experience as a poet, inspiration for writing poetry often comes after seeing a painting, photo or image.


“In writing poetry, I feel a lot of inspiration when I look at photos or paintings. When you see goth-themed photos, spooky-themed poetry will be born. On the other hand, a photo or landscape image will inspire you to write a romantic poem. Let the feelings and emotions be provoked so that interesting poetry works are born, "She said.


Based on this experience, she fully understands what the poet Dewa Sahadewa felt, who was provoked to write poetry after seeing a painting by the artist Made Gunawan. She hopes that the collaboration of the two artists will be an inspiration for others to produce other creations that enrich literary works in the form of poetry and paintings. More than that, slick works like this are expected to be able to arouse the interest of the younger generation to be more interested in reading poetry so that they are not carried away and consumed by hoaxes that have appeared on various social media.


Still in her direction,  she informed the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster's attention to efforts to develop non-traditional arts that previously received little attention.


She said the Bali Provincial Government provided wider space for the development of non-traditional arts through the implementation of the Bali Jani Art Festival. "The government has given space, our job as artists and cultural observers is to fill in more quality works so that they become masters of their own land so that they are able to go international," She added.


Apart from the Bali Jani Art Festival, the Bali Provincial Government has also started the process of building the Bali Cultural Center in Gunaksa, Klungkung Regency which is targeted for completion in 2023. She is of the opinion that the existence of the Bali Cultural Center will be a breath of fresh air for artists and cultural observers of the Island of the Gods in producing quality works.


The poet Dewa Putu Sahadewa expressed his gratitude for the views given by Putri Koster. He said that Gajah Mina's poetry book was inspired by Made Gunawan's Gajah Mina painting. This painting depicting a mythical creature in the ocean fascinates Sahadewa.

Such was the intense vibration felt by Sahadeva when he looked at Gunawan's work so that all the poems were created within a span of one month. This collaboration is even more interesting because some of Gunawan's paintings were created in response to Sahadewa's poetry.


Praise for the collaboration of poets and artists was also conveyed by the literary critic Prof. Dr. Nyoman Dharma Putra. He calls this work pasatmian, an aesthetic dialogue between two artists who produce amazing works. “In this work, a poetry book inspired by paintings appears. In the future, I would like to have paintings inspired by poetry, ”he hoped. (Gix)