Mrs. Putri Koster Invites the Community to Build Awareness of Trash Management from the Source

Putri Koster when she was a guest speaker in the 'Cross Denpasar Afternoon Dialogue' which was broadcast live from RRI Denpasar, Monday (May 3, 2021)

DENPASAR, - The problem of trash in Bali needs serious attention from everyone, considering that trash that is not managed properly can become a time bomb that has an impact on the preservation of the surrounding natural environment. Trash management is not only the responsibility of the government alone, but it requires the support and cooperation of all parties. For this reason, it is necessary to raise awareness in the community to start sorting waste and processing the waste itself and finish it at the source. This was conveyed by the Chairperson of the PKK Bali Province Mrs Putri Koster when she was a guest speaker in the 'Cross Denpasar Afternoon Dialogue' which was broadcast live from RRI Denpasar, Monday (May 3, 2021)


Furthermore, in the dialogue with the theme "The Role of the PKK in Source-Based Trash Management", the wife of the number one person in Bali conveyed that waste should be resolved as close as possible to the source of trash , and as little as possible brought to the TPA, which is only residue. Trash management carried out in households and areas / facilities should be managed independently or in collaboration with traditional villages and villages / sub-districts. Traditional villages can synergize with villages / wards in implementing a waste management pattern, which is then carried out at the household level where the guidance can be carried out by PKK cadres in each village. "We have to change the old pattern of handling trash , namely collect-transport-trash, by starting to sort and process trash at the source. Who produces trash,  they are responsible for managing or processing the trash to completion. Don't let the trash we produce contaminate the village or other areas. My village is clean without polluting other villages, my house is clean without polluting other houses, "she ordered.


This woman who is familiarly called Bunda Putri also invited all PKK cadres to take an active role in conducting socialization in resource-based waste management efforts. Organic trash can be managed into compost that can be used as fertilizer for plants in the yard. Thus, the trash will be managed properly and the yard will be beautiful, organized, beautiful, and comfortable (HATINYA PKK ) will be realized. "In the future, PKK will hold competitions at the village level related to trash management and HATINYA PKK. For that we build public awareness, we prepare the best pattern so that trash is no longer a disaster but can be a blessing because we are able to manage it very well, "she said.


The same thing was also conveyed by the Village Head of Taro I Wayan Warka who conveyed that it is very important to build public awareness to start sorting and managing their own trash. In addition, the role of customary villages by creating a legal regulations  related to waste management in their villages also plays a significant role. Thus, the trash problem in the village can be resolved in the village itself without the need to send garbage to another village or to a garbage collection. (Gix)