The Governor of Bali Issues SE Number 9 of 2021 Regarding Emergency PPKM

  • 02 Juli 2021
  • 21:07 WITA
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The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster

DENPASAR, - The Governor of Bali issued Circular Letter (SE) Number 9 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Covid-19 Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in the New Era of Life in Bali Province, based on the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 15 of 2021 concerning the Enforcement of Activity Restrictions Covid-19 Emergency Society in Java and Bali Region.


This Governor Decree was issued by considering two things, namely the increasing transmission of Covid-19 in Bali and the increasing importance for all parties to maintain health, comfort, security and safety for the people of Bali.


The Covid-19 Emergency PPKM applies to 9 Regencies/Cities in Bali according to level 3 criteria carried out by implementing the following activities: teaching and learning activities (Schools, Universities, Academies, and Education/Training Places) are conducted online, non-sector activities Essentially enforced 100 percent Work From Home (WFH) 

Activities in essential sectors such as finance and banking, capital markets, payment systems, information and communication technology, non-COVID-19 quarantine handling hotels, export orientation industries are enforced 50 percent, maximum Work From Office (WFO) staff with strict health protocols.


The government sector that provides public services that cannot be postponed is subject to a maximum of 25 percent of WFO staff with strict health protocols;

critical issues such as energy, health, security, logistics and transportation, food, beverage and supporting industries, petrochemicals, cement, national vital objects, disaster management, national strategic projects, construction, basic utilities (electricity and water), as well as industries meeting the basic needs of the community. Every day, 100 percent of the maximum Work From Office (WFO) staff is enforced with strict health protocols.


For supermarkets, traditional markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets that sell daily necessities, operating hours are limited to 20.00 WITA with a visitor capacity of 50 percent and pharmacies and drug stores can be open 24 hours.

The implementation of eating/drinking activities in public places (food stalls, restaurants, cafes, street vendors, and hawker stalls) both in separate locations and those located in shopping centers/malls only accept delivery/take away and do not accept meals at place (dine-in).


Activities at shopping centers/malls/trade centers are temporarily closed unless access to restaurants, supermarkets and supermarkets can be allowed,

implementation of construction activities (construction sites and project sites) operates 100 percent by implementing stricter health protocols.


Religious activities in places of worship (mosques, prayer rooms, churches, temples, temples, and temples as well as other public places that function as places of worship) are carried out by involving a very limited number of people and with the permission of the Regency/City Covid-19 Task Force.


Public facilities (public areas, public parks, public tourist attractions, and other public areas) are temporarily closed, arts, culture, sports and social activities (locations of art, culture, sports facilities and social activities that can cause crowds and crowds) are temporarily closed .

Public transportation (public vehicles, mass transportation, taxis (conventional and online), and rental/rental vehicles) is enforced with a maximum capacity setting of 70 percent by implementing stricter health protocols.


The wedding reception was attended by a maximum of 30 people by implementing stricter health protocols and not implementing eating at the reception, food provision was only allowed in a closed place, and to be taken home.


For those who travel by air transportation, they are required to show a vaccine card (at least 1 injection vaccine), a certificate of negative results from a PCR-based swab test no later than 2 x 24 hours before departure. Meanwhile, by land and sea transportation, you are required to show a vaccine card (at least 1 injection vaccine), a certificate of negative results from a PCR-based swab test or a negative result of the Rapid Antigen Test at least 2 x 24 hours before departure Drivers of logistics vehicles and other goods transportation are exempted from the provision of having a vaccine card, to show accuracy and ensure the authenticity of negative results of a PCR-based swab test or negative results of an Antigen Rapid Test, the certificate must be accompanied by a Barcode/QRCode; and continue to wear masks correctly and consistently when carrying out activities outside the home, and it is not permitted to use face shields without wearing a mask.

Efforts to accelerate vaccination must continue to be carried out to protect as many people as possible and these efforts are carried out to reduce the rate of transmission and prioritize the safety of those who are vulnerable to death (such as the elderly, people with comorbidities) given the limited health capacity and long-term impact of Covid-19 infection.


Regents and Mayors who do not implement the provisions as stipulated in the Governor's Decree are subject to administrative sanctions in the form of written warnings twice in a row up to temporary dismissal as stipulated in Article 68 paragraph (1) and paragraph (2) of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Local government.


For business actors, restaurants, shopping centers, public transportation that do not carry out the provisions as stipulated in the Governor's Decree, they will be subject to administrative sanctions up to business closure in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.


Every person, business actor, manager, organizer or person in charge of public places and facilities who carry out activities, is obliged to carry out the health protocols that have been determined, namely: implementing a healthy and Covid-19-free lifestyle with 6 M: Wearing standard masks correctly, washing hands, keep distance, reduce travel, increase immunity, and obey the rules.


Everyone should limit activities outside the home and try to delay/reduce travel outside the area, especially in the red zone category.


Airport, Port and Land Transportation Operators to regulate and tighten the implementation of procedures and inspection of PPDN travel requirements, including regulating the availability of human resources and equipment, as well as providing daily reports to the Bali Province COVID-19 Handling Task Force. Specifically for the Ketapang-Gilimanuk ferry port, strict supervision of test results for PPDN is carried out, by placing joint checkpoints coordinated by the Port Health Office (KKP), facilitated by PT. ASDP Indonesia Ferry.


To the Perbekel/Lurah to synergize with the Indigenous Bandesa to immediately establish a Task Force for Handling Covid-19 Based on Traditional Villages with the organizational structure, tasks, and functions regulated in the Joint Decree of the Governor of Bali and the Bali Province Traditional Village Council regarding the Establishment of a Mutual Cooperation Task Force for Handling Covid -19 Based on Traditional Villages in Bali.


Before the Customary Village-Based Covid-19 Handling Task Force was formed, the implementation of Village/Kelurahan-Based PPKM was handled by Village/Kelurahan Volunteers and the Traditional Village-based Covid-19 Prevention Mutual Assistance Task Force in Bali and activated the Gotong Royong Prevention Command Post (Posko) 19 based on Traditional Villages in Bali as a forum for the activities of the Gotong Royong Task Force as referred to in letter a;

implementation as referred to in letter c, specifically for Village level Command Posts may stipulate or make changes to regulations in the form of village regulations, village head regulations and village head decisions.


To the Regents/Mayors throughout Bali to establish a Mutual Assistance Command Post (Posko) for the Handling of Covid-19 in the District led by the Camat for the supervision and reporting of the Command Post at the Village/Kelurahan level.


Regents/Mayors throughout Bali to carry out intensive inspections of PPDNs that use National Ports and Roads by activating checkpoints that synergize with TNI/Polri officers at regional borders to ensure the implementation of health protocols and travel requirements for PPDN.


To the Commander of Kodam IX/Udayana, the Head of the Bali Regional Police, the Head of the Bali Provincial Civil Service Police Unit and the Traditional Village Pacalang to carry out more intensive, massive, and firm disciplinary enforcement operations to ensure the effective implementation of this Circular.


This circular comes into force on Saturday 3 July 2021 until Tuesday 20 July 2021.


With the enactment of this Circular, the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 08 of 2021 concerning Extension of Restrictions on Village/Kelurahan-Based Community Activities in the New Era of Life in the Province of Bali is revoked and declared null and void.(gix)