Realizing More than IDR 22.8 Billion for Healthcare Incentives, Sekda Dewa Indra Argue  Thinks Bali is Slow to Disburse Covid-19 Funds

  • 19 Juli 2021
  • 20:07 WITA
  • News
The Regional Secretary for the Province of Bali, Dewa Made Indra

DENPASAR, - The Regional Secretary for the Province of Bali, Dewa Made Indra dismissed the news circulating in various media, regarding the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, reprimanding in writing 19 provinces that were called slow in disbursing Covid-19 funds in the regions.


"The thing that got Bali reprimanded from the letter was that it stated that Bali had not disbursed incentives for health workers for handling Covid-19, but I emphasize that the provincial government of Bali has realized the incentive payment funds for health workers until June 2021,"  Dewa Indra said in a press statement Monday ( July 19, 2021).


Sekda Dewa Indra also emphasized that for the realization of the Bali Province health worker incentive payment for handling Covid-19 from a budget of Rp. 47,017.5 million, it had been realized until June 2021 of Rp. 22,851,785,991 or with a percentage of 48.60 percent


"So if it refers to the realization, the province of Bali should not be included in the warning letter from the Minister of Home Affairs. And I have also reported this in writing to the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Home Affairs as of July 7, 2021," he said.


The report, explained by the bureaucrat from Pemaron, Buleleng Regency, in detail conveys the realization of funding support for Health Expenditures for handling the Covid-19 pandemic and other priority expenditures.


The Regional Secretary, Dewa Indra, continued, on Sunday (18/7) night he had coordinated directly with the Directorate General of Regional Financial Development regarding the realization of the disbursement of the health worker incentives.

"And after checking, it turns out that the data used is still old data that has not been updated as of July 2021 even though until June 2021 the Province of Bali has made payments, while for July of course it is still running," he said again.


Previously, the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian stated that he had issued a written warning to 19 regional heads. The 19 provinces are Aceh, West Sumatra, Riau Islands, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Bangka Belitung Islands, West Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara. Then West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, Maluku, North Maluku, and Papua. The province of Bali is said to have not realized the incentives for regional health workers (innakesda) sourced from the refocusing of 8% of DAU/DBH for the 2021 fiscal year budgeted for in the 2021 FY APBD of IDR 25 billion.(gix)