Bali Hosts TB Summit 2021, Dewa Indra Reports TB Case Healing Reaches 90%

  • 20 Oktober 2021
  • 21:10 WITA
  • News
Bali Hosts TB Summit 2021,

BADUNG, - Bali Provincial Secretary Dewa Made Indra expressed his appreciation for the trust of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, in making Bali the host of the 2021 Tuberculosis Summit, which will be held from 20-23 October at The Stones Hotel-Kuta.


Sekda Dewa Indra said related to TB cases in Bali, September 2021 data recorded 1,963 active TB cases in Bali, and the cure rate reached 90%.


“This is the hard work of all stakeholders, even cadres at the rural level. I am very grateful for the hard work done so far. However, to achieve the zero percent case requires strengthening and extra work again. So that the 2030 TB elimination that was proclaimed by the President can be achieved," he said.


Dewa Indra hopes that Bali can give a positive vibration for this TB Summit event. Thus, the meeting can produce the formulations and decisions needed in handling TB cases in Indonesia.


Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono said TB had become a problem that had existed in the 8th century. In an effort to cut TB, the Government of Indonesia launched a TB elimination program in 2030. In realizing this, Deputy Minister Dante Saksono, explained that joint efforts were needed from all stakeholders, from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Regional Government to cadres in the village to doing innovative things in an effort to treat TB cases.


"In the case of Covid-19, we have learned to do tracing, as well as TB, that tracing of close contacts needs to be done so that case alleviation efforts can be carried out optimally. In addition, close contact tracing is also needed as an effort to track new TB cases that have not been detected, " he concluded.(gix)