Good News, All Villages in Denpasar City Enter the Green Zone

  • 23 November 2021
  • 12:11 WITA
  • News
All Villages in Denpasar City Enter the Green Zone

DENPASAR, - Starting from Monday (22 November 2021) yesterday, all villages/kelurahan in Denpasar City are in the Green Zone, starting from the beginning of the pandemic that occurred almost 2 years ago.


This was conveyed by Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara when met on the sidelines of the Denpasar City DPRD Plenary Session, at the Denpasar City DPRD Building, Tuesday ( November 23, 2021).


The Mayor of Denpasar Jaya Negara said that currently there are 22 active cases of Covid-19 in Denpasar City, or around 0.06 percent, while the death rate is 2.6 percent and 97.3 percent for the recovery rate of Covid-19 patients.


"Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant, especially before Christmas and the new year. We must maintain this conducive condition," he said.


If you look at the conditions in several countries such as in Europe and New Zealand, Jaya Negara said that currently some of these countries are implementing a lockdown.


"We ask for the support of the honorable council members so that we can maintain this condition in the hope that tourism can recover in Bali, and especially in Denpasar City," he concluded.


It should be noted that in Denpasar City, there are 43 villages  all of which are currently in the green zone for the spread of Covid-19.(gix)