Supporting Drug-Cleaning Tourism Village, Head of BNN Inaugurates PRG Volunteers

  • 26 November 2021
  • 16:11 WITA
  • News
The Inauguration of the Volunteer P4GN Prajuru Reksa Gargita (PRG) Denpasar City in 2021

DENPASAR, - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in addition to the war on drugs also carries out soft power, namely prevention activities through community empowerment, such as involving traditional villages and the younger generation to create a Shining Village (Drug Clean Village).


This was said by the Head of the National Narcotics Agency, Komjen Pol. Petrus R. Golose, during the Inauguration of the Volunteer P4GN Prajuru Reksa Gargita (PRG) Denpasar City in 2021 and the Launching of the Shining Tourism Village, at the Dharma Negara Alaya Building, Lumintang, Friday (November 26, 2021).


"We all know that the drug problem is still a national problem. We continue to try to suppress it," he explained.


Komjen Golose added that BNN in collaboration with traditional villages as well as PRG members and community leaders, continues to carry out movements to minimize drug trafficking, especially on the island of Bali.


He added, related to rehabilitation activities in Bali, the British government also participated through assistance in rehabilitation and counseling programs for drug users in Bali.


With the support of all parties, especially the Mayor of Denpasar, he invited Denpasar City to Shine (Clean from Drugs) to the banjars.


He gave an example through the table tennis competition between banjars in the context of the war on drugs to the banjar level, it turned out that community participation was extraordinary.


Overall, based on the report from the Head of the Bali BNNP, according to Golose, drug trafficking can still be controlled.


However, supervision needs to be increased to the lowest level in the hope that the circulation will no longer exist, because currently there is a slight increase in the use of methamphetamine or shabu.


Meanwhile, Denpasar Mayor IGN Jaya Negara said that the Denpasar City Government starting at the village/kelurahan level was very ready to support BNN so that Denpasar City would be free from drugs.


Jaya Negara added that in Denpasar City there are 2 Shining Villages, one of which is in the tourist village of Kesiman Kertalangu.


"And in the future, we will improve it with villages/kelurahan throughout Denpasar City. From the village it is clean from narcotics, the city, then nationally," he concluded.(gix)