The Regent of  Tabanan IKG Sanjaya Attand Mulang Dasar Ceremony for Construction of the Vishnu Murti Statue

  • 21 September 2022
  • 16:09 WITA
  • News
The Regent of  Tabanan IKG Sanjaya Attand Mulang Dasar Ceremony for Construction of the Vishnu Murti Statue

TABANAN, - After going through various processes and basic studies, the people of Tabanan will certainly have the iconic Vishnu Murti Statue back by the end of 2022. The official procession of starting the construction was carried out by the Regent of Tabanan, Dr. I Komang Gede Sanjaya, SE, MM, was marked by the process of Ngeruak and Mulang Dasar Ceremony for the statues at Catus Pata Kediri, Tabanan, Wednesday morning, (September 21,  2022).

In these four occasions, the Regent of Tabanan was accompanied by the Regional Secretary, related assistants and OPD. Also seen, the Camat, Perbekel, Bendesa Adat, local community leaders and the sculptor Vishnu Murti.


"Today we are very happy, because what is our commitment in the Regional Government together with the people of the Banjar Anyar and Kediri Traditional Villages and other figures prove our commitment to rebuilding the Wisnu Murti statue. And today we also Mendem Basic which was raised by Ida Walaka Surya Grya Kediri,"  The Regent of Tabanan IKG Sanjaya said.



In addition, the number one person in Tabanan also said that what was the commitment of the Regional Government to rebuild the Vishnu Murti Statue as a manifestation of priority programs in the fields of Religion, Customs, Traditions, Arts and Culture. Besides that, as a manifestation of the Government's form of sradha bhakti to the community, especially in the Two Traditional Villages, namely Banjar Anyar and Kediri.


"We have made our commitment, so that with the re-establishment of the Vishnu Murti Statue which is the pride of the people of Banjar Anyar, Kediri, Tabanan or even Bali, we can truly realize Nangun Sat Kerthi's vision towards a Safe, Superior and Civilian New Era Tabanan (AUM). This is our hope, and hopefully the people of Tabanan will prosper with the rebuilding of the Balinese symbol,"  Sanjaya added.


Previously, the Head of the Tabanan PUPRKP Service, I Made Dedy Darma Saputra, stated that there would be a difference in shape between the new Vishnu Murti statue and the old one which was dismantled in 2013. In this new form, it is the result of the aspirations of the local indigenous people. The difference concerns the dimensions to the philosophy of the statue, where the raw material will be reinforced concrete and not bronze.


It takes into account the technical aspects of Balinese art for the formation, also from an aesthetic point of view, it is said to be better by using reinforced concrete. The dimensions of the statue are 6.5 meters from head to body, while the bottom or placemat is about 3 meters. The total height is more than 9 meters and the dimensions of the roundabout will be smaller and the height of the roundabout will be lower, so it will not interfere with the view of road users. (Rls/Btnc)