The Chairperson of  The Dekranasda Bali Province Mrs. Putri Koster Exhibits Balinese Endek Traditional Weaving at The Kriyanusa Exhibition 2022

  • 23 September 2022
  • 21:09 WITA
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The Chairperson of  The Dekranasda Bali Province Mrs. Putri Koster Exhibits Balinese Endek Traditional Weaving at The Kriyanusa Exhibition 2022

JAKARTA, - The Chairperson of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Bali Province, Mrs. Putri Koster gave great support to the development of Balinese fashion show products using traditional Balinese woven fabrics. After going through the Covid-19 pandemic for two (2) years, the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of the Province of Bali participated in the 2022 Archipelago Handicraft Exhibition (Kriyanusa), which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday ( September 21, 2022).


The exhibition which was opened by Mrs. Iriana Joko Widodo took the theme “The Spirit of Defensive Craftsmanship with Competitiveness” involving 143 participants from 34 provinces throughout Indonesia.


Mrs. Putri Koster said, “Dekranasda Bali has the opportunity to display the works of our designers in the Kriyanusa event. I hope that the government will always give space, time and opportunity to designers so that they can be creative, wear and show off clothes according to our culture,” She said.


"I am proud and grateful for the opportunity given to Bali, this shows that we have many opportunities to promote the creations of traditional Balinese woven fabrics in front of the leaders of the Regional and Central National Craft Councils throughout Indonesia," Mrs Putri Koster added.


The wife of the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, said that his party was very happy and appreciated the crafts and works of small and medium-sized industry players who came from Bali, because of their perseverance and innovation who dared to build and arouse creativity in producing their artworks, they were able to show that traditional crafts from Bali are also is a Balinese ancestral heritage capable of penetrating the national and international markets.


“It can be seen that traditional crafts, especially traditional endek woven fabrics, songket and silver handicrafts, have become the choice of domestic and even international tourists to be used as souvenirs when returning to their respective regions. I am even very proud of the MSMEs and IKM Bali players who persisted and continued to be creative in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and even became a factor in the economic cycle in Bali. And I hope that small and medium industry players and SMEs in Bali will continue to move and stretch in the midst of whatever conditions, " Mrs. Putri  Koster's said.


General Chairperson of the National Crafts Council (Dekranas) Mrs. Wury Ma'ruf Amin, who was present, in her speech said that this exhibition is a manifestation of domestically made craft products that have cultural aspects to be shown and appreciated by the wider community, as well as must be developed further as an industrial commodity that has competitiveness and high economic value.


She added, so that craftsmen never give up and continue to be enthusiastic in increasing the competitiveness of Indonesian handicraft products, even though they are still in a Covid-19 pandemic condition, so that they remain enthusiastic, creatively innovate, and continue to improve the competitiveness of their products in order to survive during the pandemic.

Through this exhibition, Mrs. Wury also hopes that the participants can promote their work actively. because Indonesian handicraft products have high competitiveness in terms of quality and materials so that they can be accepted by the domestic market as well as the international market.


"I hope that through this Kriyanusa Exhibition, exhibitors can actively promote their work, so that their creations can be known and awaited by Indonesian craft lovers," She said.


On this occasion, Mrs. Wury also invited the participants to participate in supporting the government's program, namely the Proud National Movement Made in Indonesia as an effort to anticipate increasingly fierce global market competition. In addition, regeneration is also considered to need attention, considering the hereditary skills to produce craft products for some types of crafts have started to become extinct.


The Nusantara Handicraft Exhibition (Kriyanusa) which was also attended by the Dekranas Honorary Council Mufidah Jusuf Kalla, Dekranas Daily Chair Tri Tito Karnavian, and the Chairperson of the Kriyanusa Exhibition Committee Elizabeth Thohir will be held for five (5) days starting from 21-25 September 2022 in Hall A Jakarta Convention Center Convention Center, DKI Jakarta. (Rls/Btnc)