Chairman of the Bali Province PPPK Selection Committee Dewa Made Indra Asks the Community Not to Be Tempted by Offers of Help from Unscrupulous Persons

  • 11 November 2022
  • 23:11 WITA
  • News
Dewa Indra

Make Sure the Selection Process Is Very Transparent, Open, and Can Be Rebutted by Participants

DENPASAR, - The Provincial Government of Bali has opened registration to become a Government Employee with a Work Agreement (PPPK) for the 2022 Fiscal Year for two formations, namely Functional Positions for Health Workers and Functional Positions for Health Workers. Detailed information related to the implementation of the selection of Government Employees with Work Agreements within the Provincial Government of Bali in 2022 can be read through the Bali Provincial BKPSDM website on the pages and . Regarding the implementation of this selection, the Chairman of the Selection Committee, Dewa Made Indra, warned the public, be it participants, parents or families of the selection test takers, not to heed any offers from individuals who claim to be able to help pass the selection test.


According to the man who also serves as Regional Secretary for the Province of Bali, the selection process was carried out very objectively using the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) method which is transparent and cannot be intervened. Sekda Dewa Indra appealed to the selection participants not to be tempted by offers from unscrupulous people. Instead, he asked the selection participants to prepare themselves optimally so they could carry out the test well. According to him, there are no officials who can help participants pass the selection because it is done transparently. "No officials or anyone else can help with graduation because the selection process is very, very transparent, open and can be objected to by participants," Dewa Indra said. It was emphasized that the test takers follow the process according to the rules and procedures that have been set.


In order to avoid unwanted things, Dewa Indra advised test takers to study or read details of registration procedures and others through the Bali Province BKPSDM website on the pages and https://sscasn. (Rls/Btnc)