Bali Ready to Become a Showcase, Mrs. Putri Koster Invites Regions to Develop Their Communal Intellectual Property

  • 24 November 2022
  • 13:11 WITA
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Mrs Putri Koster

In a Seminar with the topic: "Communal Intellectual Property & Geographical Indications Protect Indonesian Commodities”

JAKARTA, - Chairperson of The    Dekranasda Bali Province , Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster, hopes that communal intellectual property products and products with geographical indications will be fully produced in their area of ​​origin so that they can present an exclusive image, not just be a mass product produced in other regions for pursuit of profits. "The products are made in their area of ​​origin. Communities throughout Indonesia can market them and if they can be used by the international community," Mrs. Putri Koster said in Seminar with the topic: "Communal Intellectual Property & Geographical Indications Protect Indonesian Commodities”  at Bidakara Hotel Jakarta, DKI Jakarta on Tuesday (November 22, 2022) afternoon.

Mrs. Putri Koster explained, Bali, which has communal intellectual property in the form of traditional endek weaving, songket cloth to grinding tie weaving, had been in trouble for decades due to the fact that the production of these typical weavings was actually produced in other areas, with a process that was far from the original traditional method. This inevitably has the effect of sluggish local craftsmen and weavers. "If we let it go, our weavers lose their goods and they don't sell, then the economy is also not moving in Bali because the money is running out. And if we let it go for a long time there will be a centralization of production in one area," She said.

Mrs Putri Koster said that efforts to preserve local precious cultural heritage would die due to the existence of large-scale industries, which killed local craftsmen. Specifically, the weavers on the Island of the Gods. "Therefore, I think about how to protect local craftsmen from upstream to downstream. Upstream we encourage registration of their IPR and KIK, and downstream we guarantee protection for their rights," She said . She explained again, Bali is ready to become a showcase for handicraft products resulting from communal intellectual property from all over Indonesia with its status as a world tourist area. As told by Mrs. Putri Koster, during the G20 where the traditional Gringsing cloth became the official souvenir of the recent G20 Summit, and endek looked stunning when worn at the gala dinner by heads of state. "Bali is ready to become the Hub, the window. It is clearly explained, this is Javanese batik, this is NTT weaving and so on. I'm sure in the future it will raise public awareness and also be assisted by Intellectual Property protection from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, so that these products can become trade marks for the region each one," She said.

Meanwhile, Miranda Risang Ayu, Writer and Head of IP Center on Regulation & Application Studies, Faculty of Law, Padjadjaran University said that the legal basis for the protection of KIK and Geographical Indications has actually been enforced in Indonesia. " We already have a system. At least there is a legal basis. First, for the benefit of the community and prevention of protection from abuse, fraud or misrepresentation. For example endek cloth from Bali, if it is produced elsewhere then communal IPR is to protect it. The theory is so," said Miranda. Miranda also said that protecting community works such as customary property could play a significant role in increasing the community's income. "Likewise, geographical indications are exclusive rights for the community. This could be a guarantee of reputation and guarantee of product quality. Also environmental preservation to create its own niche market," She said. The seminar, which was attended by hundreds of participants from all over Indonesia, was the series of Roving Seminars on Intellectual Property of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and Minister Yasonna, which had been held in North Sumatra, Solo and DIY, as well as South Sulawesi, and finally held in DKI Jakarta.

Mrs. Putri Suastini Koster herself at that moment was asked to receive an award as a Figure with an Active Role in Stimulating the Growth of Creativity and Innovation of Intellectual Property in the Context of National Economic Recovery. (Rls/Btnc)