Describe Four Year Performance, Mrs. Putri Koster Invited TP PKK, Dekranasda, PAKIS, and PAI throughout Bali 

  • 24 Februari 2023
  • 20:02 WITA
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Mrs. Putri Koster Invited TP PKK, Dekranasda, PAKIS, and PAI throughout Bali 

Focus, Sincere and Straight Work Mrs. Putri Koster Proven to Be Able to Target the Community and Succeed the Bali Community Development Programming


DENPASAR, - For more than 4 years assisting the Governor of Bali Wayan Koster, so many programs and activities have been initiated and implemented by Mrs. Putri Koster. In  addition to being a companion, of course various positions are attached to her, both ex officio, namely the Chairperson of the TP PKK Bali Province  and the Chairperson of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) Bali  Province, as well as positions that are indeed entrusted due to his work, namely Manggala Utama Paiketan Krama Istri (PAKIS)Bali  Province as well as the Chairman of the DPD Indonesian Orchid Association (PAI) Bali Province.

 As a form of accountability for its performance, Mrs. Putri Koster conveyed what she had done in the last 4 years to the 3,500 invitees who were stakeholders from the four organizations. Among them are TP PKK Regencies/Cities to Villages throughout Bali, Heads of District/City Dekranasda throughout Bali, Manggala PAKIS throughout Bali, as well as all members of PAI Regional Province of Bali at the event entitled "Head of the PKK Mobilization Team, Head of Dekranasda, Main Manggala PAKIS MDA, Chairman of the Indonesian Orchid Association of Bali Province Greets ”, held at Puputan Margarana Field, Renon, Denpasar, on Friday ( February 24, 2023)

In the event which carried the theme "Move, Work, Share" the Chairperson of the BKOW Bali Province Mrs. Tjok. Putri Hariyani Ardhana Sukawati, Head of Gatriwara DPRD Bali Mrs Ningsih Wiryatama, several women's organizations such as Dharma Wanita Bali Province, Dharma Pertiwi, Jalasenastri, Pia Ardhya Garini, Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana, Bhayangkari, Adhyaksa Dharmakarini, the Indonesian Midwives Association and the Head of OPD in the Bali Provincial Government.,

Mrs. Putri Koster said that this activity aims not only to greet or establish friendship but also to disseminate to the community a series of program achievements and activities that have been carried out both in TP PKK, Dekranasda, PAKIS to PAI activities. The woman who is familiarly called Bunda Putri said that at the beginning of her ex officio inauguration as Chairperson of the Bali Province TP PKK and Chair of the Bali Province Dekranasda, there were many things that needed to be fixed and various programs had to be implemented. "In order to mobilize the TP PKK and Dekranasda, of course we have to have a program and a budget, that's what I strive for first,"  She explained on this morning's occasion. Bunda  Putri admitted that for almost five years she has accompanied Governor Wayan Koster, the programs she runs are always in line with the vision and mission of the Province of Bali Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali, Through a Planned Universal Development Pattern, Towards a New Era of Bali. "The Governor of Bali or husband continues to move to build Bali and its people, I as his wife are also actively pushing together so that we are like the rhythmic flapping of a bird's wings in a balanced way so that we can soar and work optimally for the development of Balinese society," she added. In accordance with the vision and mission of the Province of Bali, the activities of various organizations under its supervision also focus on physical development and Balinese society, as well as efforts to preserve arts, customs, traditions, religion, natural resources and local wisdom inherited from generation to generation.

For the TP PKK itself, she admits that socialization and social action are the focus of his program in order to achieve PKK's goals, namely a happy and prosperous family and to produce the next generation who have noble character and personality. Meanwhile for Dekranasda, such as its function of education and supervision, it admits that it continues to strive to protect and preserve the wealth of art, culture, and local wisdom handed down by their ancestors. One of them is the preservation and development of Balinese woven fabrics (songket and endek) and inviting people to love products made by Balinese craftsmen. PAKIS Bali, she continued, continues to work to preserve Hindu art, culture and religion in Bali. Desa Adat as the biggest force in Bali and PAKIS Bali as part of it continue to move to invite krama wife to maintain the standards in customs, traditions and religion in Bali. Meanwhile, PAI Bali, according to her, focuses on preserving Balinese flora, especially Balinese orchids. So that in the future the original Balinese orchids can decorate the home page of the Balinese people. In the development and preservation program efforts that she has carried out over the past four years, she expressed his gratitude for the synergy of all parties, especially the Chairperson of the Regency/City TP PKK to the District and Village levels, Chair of Dekranasda, Manggala PAKIS MDA, members of PAI and Provincial OPD Bali and all parties participating in launching its work program as partners with the Provincial Government of Bali.

 In the future, Bunda  Putri hopes that this synergy will be maintained properly and even enhanced for the smooth running of the 2023 work program, not only inter-organizational but also intra-organizational in order to accelerate the achievement of our goals. "Besides that, I also need the role of women in the four organizations that I lead in mobilizing the community in an effort to support government programs," she added while saying that women could be the driving force in the smallest unit first, namely the family. "From the family first, then to the community environment, Bali to Indonesia, women can be the movers, that's what we call the power of mothers," she said

At the event, a symbolic handover of 40 boxes of PMT was also held to toddlers handed over by the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. I Nyoman Gede Anom, delivery of 40 milk packages for pregnant women handed over by the Head of the IBI Bali Regional Management Luh Putu Sukarini, handover of assistance of chicken seeds plus feed and vegetable plant seeds of 2,000 trees by the Head of the Bali Province Agriculture and Food Security Service I Wayan Sunada to Head of TP PKK Denpasar City Mrs. Antari Jaya Negara, the handover of 200 tree seed assistance by the Head of the Bali Province Forestry and Environment Service I Made Teja to the Head of the TP PKK Denpasar City, as well as the symbolic handover of Social Action assistance to 200 underprivileged people consisting of 40 people each elderly, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, PKK cadres and toddlers in the form of four tons of rice 20 kg each, 200 crates of eggs each 1 crate, 320 boxes of milk for toddlers 8 boxes each, and 320 boxes of milk for the elderly, pregnant women Persons with Disabilities and PKK Cadres who each receive 2 boxes. Apart from that, the event also provided free health and eye health checks, booster vaccinations and distribution of 200 free reading glasses by the Bali Provincial Health Office. At the end of the event, it was also enlivened by a Fashion Show by Balinese designers namely Body and Mind, Taksu Design, Ipong and Lusi Damai as well as bondres performances to entertain the public.(Rls/Btnc)