Bali Province Again Received the Title of the Lowest Stunting Prevalence Rate in Indonesia

  • 28 Maret 2024
  • 11:03 WITA
  • News
Dewa Made Indra

BADUNG, - Bali Province has again become the region with the lowest stunting prevalence rate in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Main Inspector of BKKBN RI, Ari Dwikora Tono at the Regional Work Meeting for the Family Development, Population and Family Planning Program, Accelerating the Reduction of Stunting in Bali Province in 2024 at the Harris Hotel Sunset Road, Kuta, Badung on Thursday ( March 28, 2024) morning.

“Bali Province is still the area with the lowest stunting prevalence rate in Indonesia. "Where the stunting prevalence rate in 2022 will be 8%, while in 2023 it will reach 7.2%," Ari Dwikora said.

This figure is much lower than the national stunting prevalence figure of 21.5% in 2023. Meanwhile, in 2024, the government is targeting the national stunting prevalence rate to fall to 14% and for Bali Province, although it is very good, it is hoped that it can fall again with a target of 6.15% in 2024.

On the other hand, the Regional Secretary of Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra, said that the Bali Provincial Government is optimistic that it can reduce the stunting prevalence rate in Bali for the better by 2024. "Even though we are in Bali, even though it is the lowest nationally, we can still reduce the figure to 7.2%. . We have confidence that with cooperation we can continue to reduce it. "So I invite my friends, let's keep lowering the 7.2%, even if we can, we'll go to zero," said Dewa Made Indra. He revealed that the achievement of reducing the prevalence of stunting in Bali Province was inseparable from the collaboration of all components, both the community and the regional government, which had a strong commitment to making efforts to accelerate the reduction in the prevalence of stunting in Bali. If it is linked to extreme poverty, Dewa Made Indra denies that this is the main cause of the prevalence of stunting, especially in Bali. "Like Gianyar Regency, which is economically relatively good, but there is a prevalence of stunting," he explained. He believes that the prevalence of stunting is more due to a lack of education regarding the importance of children's nutritional coverage starting from pre-marriage, pregnancy, childbirth to the health and nutritional coverage of babies up to the age of 2 (two) years. Dewa Made Indra added that the Bali Provincial Government has collaborated with the Bali Province BKKBN to make efforts to reduce the prevalence of stunting in Bali by involving traditional villages, religious organizations and religious figures. He believes that efforts to reduce the prevalence of stunting must start from upstream, namely in each traditional village area. The government has advised that every village head or traditional leader can report and gather young couples who are getting married to be given pre-marital education by an accompanying team from the Bali Province BKKBN in each village. (Rls/Btnc)