Harvesting Chilies and Onions in Songan B Village, The Acting Governor of Bali Says Thanks to Farmers

  • 29 Maret 2024
  • 11:03 WITA
  • News
Harvesting Chilies and Onions in Songan B Village, The Acting Governor of Bali Says Thanks to Farmers

BANGLI, Balitopnews.com - The Acting  Governor of Bali S.M Mahendra Jaya accompanied by Regional Secretary of Bali Province Dewa Made Indra and Head of Regional Apparatus within the Bali Provincial Government attended the Chili and Onion Harvest Movement activities in Songan B Village, Kintamani, Bangli on Friday (March  29, 2024) morning.

"I'm very happy today, thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel like a farmer again. Even though it was just the harvest, not the planting. The hardest part is the planting. But I also have a dream after retirement. I want to go to the village to experience a pleasant atmosphere. "comfortable like this place which is extraordinarily comfortable, cool and beautiful," he said.

In front of the Bukit Pule Gunung Batur Forest Farmers Group, The Acting Governor of Bali Mahendra Jaya expressed his gratitude to the farmers who have been enthusiastic and diligent in cultivating agricultural land. Mahendra Jaya said, not many people want to become farmers, especially in the current era of development where most choose to work in the formal sector.

"Thank you to the extraordinary farmers. Not many want to be farmers, most of them want to work in the city. In fact, if we look, the minimum wage in the city is around 2.5 million. But if you are a farmer, you can earn many times more than that, " he explained. Furthermore, Acting Mahendra Jaya said that the Province of Bali is committed to being food self-sufficient (Bali Province Food Security Index in 2023: 87.65 and the best National Level Achievement of Prevalence of Food Consumption Inadequacy (PoU) with a score of 3.77%) and will continue to strive to improve Protivity and Productivity. The Bali Provincial Government is also encouraging the movement to plant Quick Harvest Food not only on agricultural land but also in home gardens in an effort to control inflation in Bali Province. "Through this harvest movement, I hope to be able to encourage farmer groups to further optimize agricultural land in an effort to meet the needs of the people in Bali Province. As well as an effort to overcome the problem of poverty by maintaining food availability and price affordability," he explained.

Mahendra Jaya said, one of the problems related to efforts to increase agricultural output currently is the widespread use of animal waste without going through a fermentation process. Based on field monitoring, currently there is widespread use of "raw animal manure" that has not been completely processed as fertilizer by farmers in agricultural production centers which without realizing it has a negative impact on the environment, health and agriculture.

"The use of animal waste that has not been completely processed will invite and become a medium for the growth and development of flies which are vectors that carry disease for humans and disturb comfort, especially for tourists visiting the location," he added. In the activity which was also attended by the Regent of Bangli, Sang Nyoman Sedana Arta, Acting. Gianyar Regent I Dewa Tagel Wirasa, Chairman of Commission 1 DPRD Bangli Regency, Commander of Kodim 1626/Bangli, Head of Regional Apparatus Bangli Regency, Head of Kintamani Subdistrict, Head of Songan B Village, Jro Bendesa Adat Songan, Pule tree planting was also carried out. Not only that, the chilies and onions that are harvested are also directly purchased by the Head of Regional Apparatus within the Bali Provincial Government as a form of direct support for farmers. (Rls/Btnc)