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S. M. Mahendra Jaya Supports the Implementation of The  Southeast Asia Open Water Swimming Championship 2024

Rabu, 19 Juni 2024

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

DENPASAR, – The Acting Governor of Bali, S. M. Mahendra Jaya supports the implementation of the Southeast Asia Open Water Swimming Championship 2024 which will be held in Bali on 28-30 June 2024. This activity is an open sea swimming championship for professional swimmers and the general public.

"I am very grateful that Bali was used as the venue for this event. The Regional Government is honored that Bali has been chosen as the venue for the international sea swimming championship event and we will try to support it as much as possible,"  Mahendra Jaya said when receiving an audience from the Indonesian Aquatics Executive Board (PB) on Wednesday (June 19, 2024) morning.

He said that international events like this can not only raise Bali's name on the international stage, but the side effect is very good because it can help the economy of the local Balinese community. It cannot be denied that in its implementation participants will definitely shop and travel so that it can improve the local community's economy.

Mahendra Jaya hopes that this activity can continue every year and will become a routine agenda carried out by PB Aquatics Indonesia in Bali. He promised to help promote this activity while adding the Southeast Asia Open Championship 2024 to the Bali 2024 Calendar of Events.

Like the Maybank Marathon which is routinely held every year in Bali, Mahendra Jaya hopes that there will be other international sporting events regularly held in Bali so that sports tourism in Bali will become increasingly popular, especially for other sports.

Deputy Chairman of PB Akuatik Indonesia, Harlin E. Rahardjo, said that this activity not only involved various government and private stakeholders, but also involved traditional villages and local communities, especially in terms of security. Even fishing boats were also deployed to help carry out these activities. This was well appreciated by The Acting Governor of Bali, according to him, this is a form of Ngrombo to help each other. "This means that this event, if I call it Ngrombo, is full of people supporting each other,"  Mahendra Jaya said. According to him, when everyone is involved, it will get better. “I will feel proud of this activity. "There is a sense of belonging," he explained. (Rls/Btnc)


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