Putri Koster Opens IKM Bali Bangkit Exhibition  4th Series

  • 19 Oktober 2021
  • 21:10 WITA
  • News
Putri Suastini Koster as Chairperson of the Bali Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) opened the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition  4th Series

DENPASAR, Balitopnews.com - Putri Suastini Koster as Chairperson of the Bali Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) opened the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition  4th Series at the Ksirarnawa Building, Bali Province Cultural Park, Tuesday (19 October 2021).


The Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition Phase 4 will last until November 17, 2021, involving 71 IKM actors who fill stands at the Ksirarnawa and Ardha Candra Buildings. In addition to exhibiting various handicraft products, the 4th Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition was also enlivened by a culinary stand that pampered visitors' tongues with district/city specialties. To fill the food stands, the organizers collaborated with Regency/Municipal TP PKK so that they could introduce special culinary delights from their respective regions.


Just like the previous implementation, the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition applies a combination of online and conventional sales. Products that are conventionally exhibited at stands are also marketed online through the Balimall.id e-marketplace. Although the development of Covid-19 cases has slowed, the exhibition continues to implement strict health protocols by using the PeduliLindung application


Putri Koster said that the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition was not only oriented to sales turnover, but more importantly, this event could be a learning medium for SMEs in improving product quality and marketing strategies in line with the development of the digital era.


"This activity can be an evaluation and remind each other what we should have done but we haven't done and what we have done even though we shouldn't have done it," She said.


She gave an example of the phenomenon of endek woven fabrics which are mostly produced outside the region.


"Endek is one of our local wisdom, the motif is made with a touch of art and should not be taken carelessly," She said.


She is grateful that the Bali Provincial Government, under the leadership of Governor Wayan Koster, who is passionate about preserving traditional woven fabrics, seems to have received universal blessing when suddenly the Christian Dior fashion house chose endek as the material for their clothing collection.


The choice of endek to be the material for Dior's clothing then paved the way for the management of communal property rights for endek fabrics.


The Head of the Bali Industry and Trade Office, who is also the Daily Chair of the Dekranasda I Wayan Jarta, felt grateful because with the encouragement and motivation of Putri Koster, IKM actors in Bali did not sink into adversity in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition, whose implementation has entered its 4th series,, has become a whip for small industry players to remain creative and productive during the pandemic.


He said that until the 4th series  of its implementation, the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition had facilitated 247 IKM players with a turnover of Rp 13 billion. To prevent the impression of monotony, under the direction of the General Chairperson of the Bali Dekranasda, he continues to look for potential creative crafts to be involved in the exhibition.


"The SMEs involved in the exhibition have gone through a curation process so that they are considered worthy of displaying their products in this event," he said.


In addition to rotating the participants, his party also presented a culinary stand to make the exhibition more interesting. The opening of the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition  4th Series was attended by the Chairperson of the Klungkung Regency TP PKK Ayu Suwirta, representatives of the Denpasar City TP PKK and the ranks of the Bali Province TP PKK management.(gix)