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The Acting Governor of Bali S.M. Mahendra Jaya Hopes the Culture Run Event Will Become a Sustainable Program

Minggu, 07 Juli 2024

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

BADUNG, - The Acting. Governor of Bali S.M. Mahendra Jaya opened the 10 km Culture Run event for  62nd anniversary. PT Bank BPD Bali. He hopes that this activity will become one of the sustainable programs implemented in the following years. He emphasized this in front of Culture Run participants, at Pandawa Beach, Badung, Sunday (July 7, 2024)

"I hope that sports tourism activities like this will become a permanent calendar of Bali tourism events, so that they can inspire tourists to come and get to know Bali more strongly and deeply," he stressed. This activity, which combines sport, culture and recreation with natural beauty, including local wisdom, is very inspiring, especially as there are so many sports tourism fans that there are thousands of participants.

Culture Run 2024, an event organized by Vinda Creative Events, invites runners to run across the beautiful coast of Pandawa Beach for 5K and 10K. This event aims to preserve the environment and support the "zero emission" initiative in Bali with the theme "Steps of Goodness for the future!"

Apart from The Acting Governor of Bali, S.M. Mahendra Jaya and The Acting Chair of the TP PKK Bali Province Mrs. Drg. Ida Mahendra Jaya, the Bali Province Regional Secretary, Dewa Made Indra and his wife, as well as the Head of Bali Province Regional Apparatus and staff who took part in the 5 km category Culture Run were seen. Then They  planted coral reefs on the sea coast. (Rls/Btnc)


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