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Harvesting Chilies and Tilapia Fish, The Acting Governor of Bali Mahendra Jaya Appreciates Inflation Control Efforts in Buleleng

Selasa, 18 Juni 2024

BaliTopNews - Journalists never die

BULELENG, - The Acting Governor Mahendra Jaya appreciates and is grateful for the real efforts to control inflation and maintain the availability of food through planting chilies, eggplants and cultivating tilapia. "Thank you for your various efforts and program actions, especially in Buleleng. "It's extraordinary," he said at the Harvest Buleleng Regency Government  event at the Buleleng Regency Government Plantation Land, Banyuasri Village, Buleleng District, Tuesday ( June 18, 2024) morning.


According to The Acting Governor of Bali it is a very good thing that 2 hectares of land in the middle of the city which was previously not used properly has turned into beautiful and productive food commodities. "I think this is our joint effort to achieve food security, maintain food availability and price affordability," he said. "Moreover, we also want farmers in Bali to smile," he added.
Moreover, according to Mahendra , commodities such as chilies grown on this land are one of the important commodities which have a big influence on inflation rates in Indonesia, especially in Bali. "This chili is very important, if the price rises high it will affect inflation. "It seems that if the price is expensive and availability is lacking, people are nervous," he explained


According to The Acting Governor, inflation in Buleleng is also quite well maintained with a year on year figure of 2.98 and a month to month deflation figure of 0.33 last May. "If inflation is low and controlled in districts/cities in Bali, we can be calmer. "In general, deflation in Bali is 0.10 and in Astungkara we are confident that until December we can maintain inflation in the range of 2.5 to 1, provided that month to month it is not more than 0.22," he explained. “So that we can meet the central government's targets. "I am sure that with joint efforts and work we can definitely do it," he added. The direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo was also said by  The Acting governor asked regions to pay more attention to the inflation rate because it is predicted that there will be climate change in the form of long droughts. “You have to anticipate, don't just throw water into the sea. "If it can be accommodated and can be used for irrigation in our rice fields," he said. Meanwhile, Acting Buleleng Regent Ketut Lihadnyana in his speech said that the two hectare land used for planting chili seeds, purple eggplant seeds and tilapia fish ponds was an asset of the Buleleng Regency Government which for 18 years had only been overgrown with bushes. "The location is very strategic in the middle of the city, we will use it as agricultural land in the city and plant plants which are part of our efforts to control inflation," he said.


According to Lihadnyana, the existing plants are fully managed by government employees within Buleleng Regency and the results will be distributed to markets around Singaraja City. On this occasion, The Acting  Governor of Bali Mahendra Jaya who was also accompanied by Mrs. Drg. Ida Mahendra Jaya, Bali Province Regional Secretary Dewa Made Indra and a number of heads of regional apparatus within the Bali Provincial Government, went directly to pick commodities in the form of chilies and purple eggplant. Apart from that, a tilapia harvest was also carried out which produced a total of 150 kg of fish. (Rls/Btnc)


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